Does the Honda Pioneer 500 have a dump bed?

Does the Honda Pioneer 500 have a dump bed?

An evolution of the Pioneer 500, the vehicle boasts updates highlighted by a new dump bed that increases its ability to haul loads, welcome news to everyone from hobby farmers to fishing enthusiasts.

Does the Honda Pioneer have a dump bed?

The Pioneer 520 features a super-convenient tilt/dump bed. Measuring 38.7 inches wide, 25.9 inches long and 9.8 inches high, it can carry up to 450 pounds. An assist strut makes dumping easy, the tailgate opens flat, and the inside of the bed is set up for plywood dividers, or to hold milk crates or plastic buckets.

What is the top speed of a Honda Pioneer 500?

40 MPH
Honda Pioneer 500 Top Speed—40 MPH.

Can you put tracks on a Honda Pioneer 500?

Its revolutionary design using Flextrack technology has changed the way Pioneer 500 track systems operate. You can pick your UTV tracks up today by adding it to your cart or give a knowledgeable tech a call for questions.

How do you dump the bed on a Honda pioneer?

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Are Honda Pioneers good?

The Honda Pioneer 700 is known for its reliability and reputation for being quality-built. It is an excellent vehicle for getting work done around the farm or just going for a fun ride with the family. Many problems occur from lack of maintenance and can happen to any vehicle.

How much does a Pioneer 500 cost?

2021 Honda Pioneer 500 • $8,499.

Can you make a Honda Pioneer 500 faster?

One trick to get more speed out of your Honda Pioneer is to add slightly taller tires. With 25” factory Honda Pioneer 500/700 tires, you can definitely hit 37-38 mph under the right conditions. Throw on a 27” tire set, however, and you can expect to gain an extra four miles-per-hour for every extra inch of height.

Are Honda pioneers belt driven?

The Honda Pioneer 1000 compensates for its less horsepower with lower drivetrain loss than belt-driven machines, including Polaris. This proves that the shaft drive is far superior to the CVT belt, assures its users of no smoked belts or breaking engine, and no grinding or auto noise.

How do you raise the bed on a Honda Pioneer 1000?

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Do Honda pioneers have transmission problems?

Many problems occur from lack of maintenance and can happen to any vehicle. They include engine or transmission failure and general wear and tear. If you are buying a used Pioneer, make sure to check brake pads and burned-out wires. Also, check the oil, as old oil can lead to engine damage.

How many miles is a lot on a Honda pioneer?

The Pioneer 1000 transmission is automotive quality and should go 60,000 to 100,000 miles.