Does doTERRA sell diffusers?

Does doTERRA sell diffusers?

doTERRA has a few different options for ultrasonic diffusers. Give the Lotus essential oil diffuser, Petal essential oil diffuser, Aroma Lite essential oil diffuser, or Lumo essential oil diffuser a try.

Can doTERRA oils be used in any diffuser?

Diffusing is one of the simplest ways to use essential oils aromatically. You can use an essential oil diffuser if you’d like but using essential oils aromatically does not require any special diffusing devices.

Which doTERRA diffuser is the best?

The Smiley Daisy essential oil diffuser is our top pick overall and offers the best performance and value of all seven diffusers we tested. The dōTERRA diffuser also stands out for its compact footprint, which is significantly smaller than the Hibiscus diffuser.

How do you use doTERRA diffuser?


  1. Pick an essential oil that fits your mood.
  2. Add water to your diffuser and a few drops of your choice of essential oil.
  3. Replace the lid, turn the diffuser on, and enjoy!

Why is doTERRA oils so expensive?

In the end, doTERRA has expensive products because of their extremely high standards that demand only the best essential oils. So to get the purest oils, they are the company to beat, which others can’t compete with.

Should you sleep with a diffuser on?

Generally, you can sleep with a diffuser on. Treat your diffuser as you would any other device you leave plugged in all night. Diffusers with timers are best so you can set them to run while you sleep. Lava beads and reed diffusers are also good.

Is it bad to sleep with a diffuser on?

Knowing that it can be very tempting to keep your essential oils diffusing all day and all night. Research shows that you should not do so since extended exposure to diffused essential oils can cause headaches, increase your blood pressure and heart rate, as well as make your throat and skin irritated.

Does diffusing lavender help you sleep?

Lavender, one of the more popular essential oils, is most commonly used for relaxation and sleep. When used before bed, studies have shown that lavender oil can not only help you fall asleep but also improve the overall quality of rest. Begin diffusing lavender oil an hour or so before turning in for the night.