Did Mercedes from Shahs of Sunset rob a bank?

Did Mercedes from Shahs of Sunset rob a bank?

RadarOnline.com can exclusively report that the Shahs of Sunset star was slapped with a restricted real estate license due to a past bank fraud conviction that landed her behind bars. Over a two-week period, MJ confessed to depositing over $100,000 into multiple bank accounts without placing a hold on the deposits.

What is Mercedes net worth on Shahs of Sunset?

Mercedes Javid — $5 Million.

Are Mercedes and Tommy still married?

Mercedes “MJ” Javid from Shahs of Sunset has candidly shared her relationship ups and downs with her husband Tommy Feight on screen. The couple has been married for three years and are proud parents to their 2-year-old son Shams Francis Feight.

Did Reza and Mercedes make up?

Shahs Of Sunset: Mercedes ‘MJ’ Javid and Reza Farahan kiss and make up after final reunion episode. Reza Farahan and Mercedes ‘MJ’ Javid kissed and made up after the second and final Shahs Of Sunset reunion episode Sunday on Bravo.

How old is Mercedes on Shahs of Sunset?

49 years (August 12, 1972)
Mercedes Javid/Age
MJ was born on August 12, 1972, in Tehran, Iran. In 2021, MJ will be turning 49 years of age, and she is a Leo Sun sign. Mercedes Javid’s family immigrated to the United States when she was young.

What does MJ from Shahs of Sunset do for a living?

She is best known for being one of the original cast members of the hit Bravo reality series, Shahs of Sunset. Born in 1972, Mercedes Javid, also known as “MJ”, is a high-end real estate agent who currently lives in an area of the Hollywood Hills, known as “Tehrangeles”.

Why did Asa leave Shahs of Sunset?

Asa was an OG Shahs star, but she opted to give up her life as a television personality following a bitter feud with her co-star Mercedes “MJ” Javid and the birth of her son.

Is Mike and Paulina still together?

Mike Shouhed shared some very big news as part of Shahs of Sunset’s tense season nine reunion. During the first part of the reunion that aired on Sunday, Aug. 22, the 42-year-old star confirmed that he and Paulina Ben-Cohen are engaged after several years of dating, with the couple showing off her ring.

Are Golnesa and MJ friends?

Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi also shared her take on Mercedes “MJ” Javid saying Reza Farahan will never meet Shams. What Did ‘GG’ Gharachedaghi Think of ‘MJ’ Javid Feight’s Promise? MJ even said that she wanted to try to forge ahead and put the past behind them.

Who is GG baby daddy?

GG opens up about her son’s name Revealing that it “kind of honors her ‘Donor Daddy’”, GG also revealed that she has always planned to call her child Elijah, if it was a boy. GG told PEOPLE: Honestly, since I was little, I have been in love with Elijah Wood. I remember first seeing him in [1992’s] Radio Flyer.

Who are the original shahs of Sunset cast?

Shahs Of Sunset is a reality show on Bravo that started airing in 2012 and is now in its 8th season. Among the original cast members are Mercedes, Reza, Mike, Asa, Golnesa, and Sammy, while others such as Destiny and Shervin were introduced later but have managed to keep fans glued.

How much do the Shahs of Sunset cast members get paid?

Shahs Of Sunset cast net worth and salary per episode 1 Lilly Ghalichi – $50 million 2 Golnesa Gharachedaghi – $12 million 3 Sammy Younai – $10 million 4 Shervin Roohparvar – $7 million 5 Reza Farahan – $7 million 6 Mercedes Javid – $5 million 7 Asa Soltan – $3 million 8 Mike Shouhed – $3 million 9 Destiny Rose – $1.2 million 10 Nema Vand- $500,000

Are Mercedes Javid and Reza Farahan still friends?

Mercedes Javid, or as she goes on Shahs Of Sunset, “MJ”, was without a doubt made for reality television! The star is notorious for being close friends of 25 years with fellow castmate, Reza Farahan, however, the two are amidst one of their worst feuds to date.

Are MJ and Tommy from Shahs of Sunset still together?

After a three-year engagement, MJ and Tommy got married on the show in 2018 in an appropriately lavish ceremony, and their first child, a son named Shams Francis, was born in 2019. But, while MJ seems to have found her domestic bliss, fights within the group prove that not all is well in Shah-world.