Can I get LIC policy document online?

Can I get LIC policy document online?

If already registered on LIC Portal: Click on e-Services, login with your user-id and password. Register your policies for availing the e-services by filling up the form provided. Print the form, sign it and upload the scanned image of the form.

What is 149 plan in LIC?

Key Features of LIC Jeevan Anand – Plan 149 Jeevan Anand plan is a combination of an Endowment Assurance plan and a Whole Life plan. Maturity benefit includes Sum Assured + Accrued (Simple reversionary) Bonus + Final addition bonus (If any) and shall be available after the completion of the term.

What is suc in insurance?

Sum Under Consideration (SUC): The definition of Sum Under consideration is based on Actual Sum Assured (ASA) Actual Sum Assured (ASA) The Actual sum assured under a proposal or a policy will be taken as equal to: i. One and half times the basis sum assured under Table Nos. 103, 110, 121, & 160; ii.

What is DAB rider in LIC?

Accidental Death & Disability Benefit rider is an optional benefit available on payment of additional premium. The rider is like add-on to basic plans like LIC’s Jeevan Anand, Jeevan Labh etc. and it provides additional benefit, in case of accidental death or disability due an accident.

How can I get my LIC money after maturity?

Documents Required for Maturity Claim Discharge

  1. Original LIC Policy Document.
  2. Identity Proof.
  3. Age Proof (if not submitted previously)
  4. Cancelled Cheque leaf or a copy of the Policy holder’s Bank Passbook.
  5. NEFT Mandate Form (to transfer the maturity proceeds directly to the policyholder’s account)

Is LIC Jeevan Anand a term policy?

LIC’s Jeevan Anand Plan is a traditional savings plan which not only covers the insured for the chosen policy term, but the life cover continues after the completion of the policy term till the entire life of the insured. Thus, the plan is an Endowment cum Whole Life Insurance Plan.

What is the full form of suc?

SUC Full Form is Sanatorio de Urgencias Colón Term.

What does suc stand for?


Acronym Definition
SUC State University and College (Philippines)
SUC Satisfied User Criterion
SUC System Utility Co., Ltd. (now CAC Corporation; Japan)
SUC Sum Under Consideration (insurance industry)

How is LIC death claim calculated?

  1. 125% X basic sum assured = 125% X 10, 00,000 = INR 12, 50,000.
  2. 10 X annualised premium = 10 X 39,500 = INR 3, 95,000.
  3. 105% of all the premiums paid till death = 105% of 15 X 39,500 = INR 6, 22,125.

What is a family income rider?

A family income rider is an addition to a life insurance policy that provides the beneficiary with an amount of money equal to the policyholder’s monthly income in the event the policyholder dies.