Are Harbeth speakers the best?

Are Harbeth speakers the best?

Even though they might be considered an excellent entry level speaker, some people live with for a long period of time because they just sound so incredibly good in spite of their lack of deep bass. Another really good speaker value is the KEF LS50 monitors. I’ve owned those speakers and liked them a lot.

Where are Harbeth speakers made?

Sussex, England
The woofer and midrange drivers are proprietary designs, made in Harbeth’s factory in Sussex, England (the tweeter is made by SEAS in Europe).

How do I remove Harbeth grille?

The only safe way to remove them is by using a magnetic tool which Harbeth supplied me with. You can try to lever them out using a screwdriver, knife or bent paper clip but you do run the risk of damaging the grille and/or front baffle.

When did the Harbeth monitor 30 speaker come out?

This is a review and detailed measurements of the Harbeth Monitor 30 25th anniversary speaker. It is on kind loan from a local member. This specific speaker came out around 2002 I think and cost US $3,200 around that time. Being patterned after the famous BBC LS 5/9 speakers, I imagine the design is still the same to this day.

Which is the best Harbeth monitor to buy?

Alan Shaw’s Harbeth Monitor 30.1, which has been released in time to celebrate the company’s thirty- fifth anniversary as a manufacturer of high-quality loudspeakers, is the best compact two-way speaker system I have ever heard, regardless of type, cost, or complexity.

What kind of musician is Harbeth monitor 40.2 loudspeaker?

He’s a Los Angeles studio musician (a violinist who’s played many high-profile film scores, often serving as concert master), who is also a long-time audiophile, a member of my informal listening group, and an extremely discerning listener. Within about a minute or two of listening, he asked, “Aren’t you tempted?”

Who is the owner of Harbeth acoustic speakers?

Harbeth Speakers|Acoustic Sounds Since 1977, Harbeth has made industry-leading loudspeakers. The British company led by Alan Shaw has an irrefutable reputation for quintessential and cutting-edge design and most importantly GREAT SOUND. Acoustic Sounds is proud to be the exclusive mail-order retailer for this outstanding company.