Will Aphmau continue Minecraft diaries?

Will Aphmau continue Minecraft diaries?

Aphmau will continue to write every individual episode of the new season. On Dom’s long post, he talked about Aphmau’s writing process and the amount of scripts she writes per week, which is about 4-6 scripts and a total of 14-20 pages per script, and 56-120 pages per week.

Does Aphmau become Lord again?

Aphmau – Lord of Phoenix Drop. Elected by the people as she had done a lot of great things for the village in a short timespan. (needs confirmation). As of Season 2, she is no longer lord, though she is still alive.

Does Aphmau get pregnant in Minecraft diaries?

Aphmau gives in and admits to the girls that she is pregnant. Cadenza claims that she knew that something was wrong as soon as she saw Aphmau. Katelyn put two and two together and concluded that Aphmau discovered she was pregnant when they returned to Phoenix Drop.

Who does Aphmau end up with?

Aphmau + Dante = Danmau ~ Was slightly popular when Dante first appeared, but 15 years later in Season 2, it was revealed he ended up marrying Kawaii~Chan, so it sunk drastically.

What was Aphmau’s most popular?

One of the most famous series by Aphmau is her MyStreet series, in which she makes Minecraft roleplay content. Aphmau’s MyStreet Minecraft roleplay series has six seasons with more than 150 episodes. In MyStreet, Aphmau is the main protagonist of the story.

Who does Aphmau end up with in Minecraft diaries?

How old is Jennifer bravura?

Jessica “Jess” Bravura (born: October 16, 1989 (1989-10-16) [age 31]), better known online as Aphmau, is an American YouTuber.

Did Aphmau had a crush on Aaron?

When she did, he blushed. According to Aaron himself, this is the time he fell in love with Aphmau. In “She-Wolf”, Aphmau talks to Vylad about how annoying Aaron is to her.

Is there a season 2 of aphmau Minecraft?

Aphmau MineCraft Diaries Season 2 – YouTube A playlist for minecraft diary season 2 for everyone to enjoy A playlist for minecraft diary season 2 for everyone to enjoy

How did aphmau get saved in Minecraft diaries?

Aphmau, seeing Dante leave, goes after him. When they get to the bandit’s hideout, Dante is shot and Aphmau is saved by the Stranger. They all go back to the safe hold where it is believed that Dante cannot be healed. However, Aphmau magically heals him and passes out.

What happens in Season 1 of Minecraft diaries?

The Overview of Minecraft Diaries Season 1 can be found here but here is the basics of the Season Finale . Peace has been restored between the two villages. Scaleswind has joined the Phoenix Alliance and has agreed to help the restoration of Phoenix Drop. Aphmau finds Laurence knocked out by Ungrth ‘s Grave.

Is there going to be season 3 of aphmau?

After the 100th episode, the series temporarily went on hiatus, with Jess informing of a brand new collaboration series coming soon. Within the following months, Dreams of Estorra took place of Minecraft Diaries, which was replaced by Meteora Valley within several weeks. On November 6th, the series returned with Season 3.