Why is my Sky planner not working?

Why is my Sky planner not working?

One way to solve this problem is to rebuild the Planner. Press services on your Sky remote, then press the right arrow button to highlight and select Settings. You will need to give it a couple of minutes after it has rebooted for it to become responsive again, by pressing the Sky button on the remote.

Why does Sky say Programme Synopsis not available?

Re: Programme synopsis not showing It can happen when there’s no signal on one of the dish cables. Check via Services > Settings,> Signal. The white part of all four bars should be at least half way across.

Why do Programmes disappear from Sky planner?

Downloaded programmes have a Deletion date, at which point they’re automatically removed from your Planner regardless of whether or not Keep is selected. The Delection date is shown in the programme synopsis once the programme has been downloaded.

How do I reset my Sky planner?

Planner Rebuild for SKY+ HD

  1. Press ‘Services’ on the remote.
  2. Press ‘right arrow’ to get to settings.
  3. Press ‘down arrow’ to highlight ‘picture’ in yellow.
  4. Press ‘0’ then ‘1’ then select.
  5. Scroll with ‘left arrow’ to the ‘Planner Rebuild’ tab and press select.

Why have I lost some of my Sky channels?

Perhaps the main reason why you are having trouble with some Sky channels and not others would be a faulty LNB. You can get a problem with your LNB where you lose approximately 1 quarter of the channels or one half of the channels. To fix- A new LNB will need to be installed onto your satellite dish.

What is a Programme synopsis?

The program Synopsis display is designed to help simplify your understanding, navigation and manipulation of a program. The Synopsis display provides an overview of a program and is dynamically updated with a list that includes statement labels, functions, variables and any detected errors.

Why is my Freeview guide not working?

If you’re having issues with the guide: Make sure you’re connected to the internet, with a broadband speed of at least 2Mbps. Close the app fully and restart it. Check for an updated version of the app on the Google Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS to see if one is available.

Can you recover deleted programs from Sky+?

Press sky on your Sky Plus remote. Select recording and select Deleted. Step 2. Select the recording you want to restore and select Undelete.

How long do recordings stay on Sky?

After 4 hours of inactivity when auto-playing recordings and downloads, we’ll ask you to confirm you’re still watching by pressing any button on your Sky Q remote.

How do I do a soft reset on my Sky HD box?

Carry out a System Reset

  1. Turn your box off at the mains, then press and hold the left and right arrow buttons on your box.
  2. While still holding the buttons, switch your box on at the mains.
  3. The box will take a few minutes to complete the System Reset and will then switch to standby.

How do you reset a Sky HD box?

Option 4 – Sky Box Factory Reset

  1. Click the Services button on your remote.
  2. Press 001 on your remote then select.
  3. This will take you to the setup window.
  4. Click across to system reset and select.
  5. Finally, a ‘For your information’ box will appear and display ‘Housekeeping please wait’ the box will now reset and reboot.

Why is the program synopsis not available on Sky?

On our Freesat from Sky box, programme listing were showing the message “Program synopsis not available”. If you have only one cable feed connected to your Sky box (our second feed is connected to another box), this is fixed by configuring the system to use “Single Feed Mode” via the hidden Install menu.

What to do if your Sky Planner is not working?

Do a forced update… switch off the box from the mains, hold the back up button and switch the box on again hold until all four lights go on on your sky box once you get a message on your screen saying software is being downloaded you can let go on the back up button and allow the software to download

Can You do’series link’on Sky Planner?

As well as having no programme synopsis you also cannot do ‘Series Link’. Hopefully Sky will get this problem sorted soon. Also having this problem on my DRX890 box for the last week or so. Have tried a planner rebuild and a reboot but nether worked As well as having no programme synopsis you also cannot do ‘Series Link’.

Why are there no programme synopses in the planner?

Programme synopses appeared in the planner at first but now they’ve gone again. I expect tomorrow morning they will be back again. Phoned Sky again and they are still claiming there is no known problem with this box and the latest software. i’ve been having this same problem with my Amstrad DRX890 for the past couple of weeks.