Why is Animal Jam banned?

Why is Animal Jam banned?

Scamming players for items or not being honest in a trade will get you banned from the game. Websites offering free codes, Gems, or Animal Jam items are scams and do not work. Once your account is banned, you may be permanently banned from playing Animal Jam, in any account you use.

What is WildWorks email?

If you believe that WildWorks may have Personal Information from or about a child under the age of 15, please contact WildWorks at [email protected]

Is Animal Jam bad?

Animal Jam is an incredibly safe place for children and teens to play. Animal Jam is constantly improving their chat system and making it more safe day by day! If you do not want your child to have chat, you can go into your parent settings and choose Bubble Chat.

Where can I find sky high Animal Jam Classic?

Sky High is a single-player mini-game that can be found in Coral Canyons and later added to the Sol Arcade. It was first introduced in September 2010, with the introduction of Coral Canyons just after the Beta Testing period ended.

What’s the goal in Sky High Animal Jam?

The player’s goal is to reach the treasure chest at the top of all the clouds. The player starts at the bottom in the middle of a canyon and works their way up past the atmosphere into space by hopping on each cloud. The player can optionally collect Gems, which are resting on top of some of the clouds.

What happens if you miss a cloud sky high Animal Jam?

There are also Phantoms floating over some of the clouds, which, when touched by the player, results in the player getting electrocuted, thus ending the game. Similarly, if the player misses a cloud, the game is also over. This game rewards the Gems collected along the way even if the player does not reach the treasure chest at the top.

Why do foxes disappear in Sky High Animal Jam?

If the player’s avatar has wide eyes, they will sometimes disappear while playing Sky High. This happens often with Foxes . The player’s clothing items will disappear while playing the game and will reappear when they reach the top.