Who won the European Cup in 1992?

Who won the European Cup in 1992?

FC Barcelona
1991–92 European Cup/Champion

The 1992 European Cup Final was a football match held on 20 May 1992 at Wembley Stadium, London, between Sampdoria of Italy and Barcelona of Spain. Barcelona won the game 1–0 after extra time, thanks to a Ronald Koeman free kick, to record their first triumph in the competition.

Who won the Cup Winners Cup in 1991?

Manchester United
The 1990–91 season of the European Cup Winners’ Cup was won by Manchester United against Barcelona….1990–91 European Cup Winners’ Cup.

Tournament details
Goals scored 160 (2.54 per match)
Top scorer(s) Roberto Baggio (9 goals)
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Who won the 1994 Cup Winners Cup?

The final was held at the Parken Stadium in Copenhagen, and Arsenal won 1–0 with the goal coming from Alan Smith. It is widely considered as the peak of Arsenal’s famous defence. Arsenal became the fourth London club to win the trophy after Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea and West Ham United.

Who won the Cup Winners Cup in 1995?

Zaragoza won the match 2–1 after extra time, preventing Arsenal from retaining the trophy that they had won in 1994….1995 UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup Final.

Match programme cover
Event 1994–95 UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup
Venue Parc des Princes, Paris
Referee Piero Ceccarini (Italy)
Attendance 42,424

Who was Barcelona captain in 1992?

José Mari Bakero

No. Pos. Player
MF José Mari Bakero (captain)
MF Eusebio
MF Pep Guardiola
MF Goran Vučević

Who won Champions League in 1993?

Olympique de Marseille
1992–93 UEFA Champions League/Champion

How many times have Man Utd won the Cup Winners Cup?

Number of trophies won by Manchester United from 1902 to 2020, by competition

Characteristic Number of titles
FA Cup 12
Football League Cup 5
European Cup/UEFA Champions League 3
European Cup Winners’ Cup 1

When did United win the Cup Winners Cup?

The 1991 European Cup Winners’ Cup Final was a football match played between Manchester United and Barcelona on 15 May 1991 at Feijenoord Stadion, Rotterdam.

What is the Cup Winners Cup called now?

UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup
The competition’s official name was originally the European Cup Winners’ Cup; it was renamed the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup in 1994.

When did Chelsea win the Cup Winners Cup?

Chelsea and Villarreal’s Super Cup history Chelsea won the Super Cup in 1998 after winning the UEFA Cup Winners Cup. However, they have lost their three subsequent appearances in 2012, 2013 and 2019.

Why did they get rid of the Cup Winners Cup?

As Champions League expanded several times by including more teams from the European leagues, the teams qualified for the Cup Winners’ Cup were no longer among the top clubs. Because of the decreased status, UEFA decided to end the competition after the 1998-1999 tournament.

Did Liverpool win the Cup Winners Cup?

As a result of their victory in the 2005 UEFA Champions League Final, Liverpool won the European Champion Clubs’ Cup trophy outright and were awarded a multiple winner badge….Liverpool F.C. in international football.

Top scorer Steven Gerrard (41)
First entry 1964–65 European Cup
Latest entry 2021–22 UEFA Champions League
Champions League show 6