Who got fastest lap at Monaco?

Who got fastest lap at Monaco?

Monaco – Monte Carlo

First Grand Prix 1950
Circuit length 3.337 km
Number of laps 78
Race distance 260.286 km
Lap record 1:14.260 – M Verstappen (2018)

Is f1 based on fastest lap?

Drivers are awarded points based on their position at the end of each race, and the driver who accumulates the most points over each calendar year is crowned that year’s World Champion. At each Grand Prix, the driver who completes the quickest lap of the circuit is said to have completed the fastest lap.

What was the result of today’s Monaco Grand Prix?

Max Verstappen won the Monaco Grand Prix on a difficult day for Mercedes and Ferrari, and the Dutchman now leads in the Formula One world championship standings for the first time in his career – with rival Lewis Hamilton left fuming at his team.

What is the slowest F1 track?

Circuit de Monaco
Circuit de Monaco is a street circuit laid out on the city streets of Monte Carlo and La Condamine around the harbour of the Principality of Monaco.

What is the longest lap in F1?

Pescara Circuit
The Pescara Circuit was a 16.032 miles (25.8 km) race course made up entirely of public roads near Pescara, Italy that hosted the Coppa Acerbo auto race. Pescara is the longest circuit to ever host a Formula One Grand Prix.

Who won the f1 race in Monaco?

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen won the Monaco Grand Prix in Monte Carlo for Red Bull on Sunday, the fifth race of the 2021 Formula 1 world championship season.

What is the fastest Formula 1 car of all time?

Modern F1 cars normally hit 320km/h (200mph) at most race weekends and they have done for years. It’s crazy but we’re used to it. The fastest a car has gone in a Grand Prix weekend was Valtteri Bottas who clocked 378km\h (nearly 235mph) in his Williams at Baku in 2016. These cars don’t hang around.