Who are the members of the Bloodhound Gang?

Who are the members of the Bloodhound Gang?

Formed in 1988, the Bloodhound Gang has sold more than 6 million albums. The Bloodhound Gang began in 1988 as a small alternative band called Bang Chamber 8. It consisted of James Moyer Franks and Michael Bowe, both graduates of Perkiomen Valley High School.

When did the Bloodhound Gang sign with Geffen?

Eventually the Bloodhound Gang signed with Geffen Records, which re-released One Fierce Beer Coaster on December 1996. They also embarked on their first “real tour” of the United States and Europe, including presentations on Loveline, The Howard Stern Show, Ricki Lake and The Jenny McCarthy Show.

When did the Bloodhound Gang release their first EP?

In summer 1994, Jimmy Pop had a small role in the short independent film The Chick That Was Naked by independent filmmaker Kurt Fitzpatrick. A song by the band was used on its soundtrack. In November 1994, the Bloodhound Gang released their first EP, Dingleberry Haze .

How many albums did Bloodhound Gang sell in Europe?

Powered by the hit single ” The Bad Touch “, they embarked on two more tours of Europe, where their popularity had increased dramatically (“The Bad Touch” and Hooray for Boobies reached No. 1 in Germany, where ” Along Comes Mary ” was also a Top 10 hit). They returned after selling over five million albums.


They are originally from Trappe, Pennsylvania. The group formed in 1988 as a small alternative band called Bang “Chamber 8”. It consisted of Jimmy Pop and Daddy Long Legs. They released an eponymous tape in 1990 before changing their name to the Bloodhound Gang in 1991.

When did the Bloodhound Gang release their first album?

In March 1995 the Bloodhound Gang signed a record deal with Columbia Records. They released their first full-length album, titled Use Your Fingers. They began touring around the United States. At this time Daddy Long Legs and M.S.G., who were angry with Columbia Records, left the band to form another rap group, Wolfpac.

When did the TV show Bloodhound Gang end?

The show ended after seven seasons and 225 episodes on November 18, 1988, with reruns airing until September 27, 1992. A frequent segment of the show was The Bloodhound Gang, a series about a group of young detectives who used science to solve crimes.

When did hefty fine by Bloodhound Gang come out?

The band’s album, Hefty Fine, was released on September 13, 2005. The title came about after Evil Jared Hasselhoff was fined during work on MTV’s “Viva La Bam” (The Scavenger Hunt episode). Jared was fined $10,000, which Jimmy Pop allegedly had to pay (as discussed in the “Un-commentary” of the Viva La Bam DVDs).