Which are 1 to 12 caves in Ellora caves?

Which are 1 to 12 caves in Ellora caves?

12 Must Visit Places in Ellora Caves

  • Kailasa Temple / Kailasanath Temple / Cave 16.
  • Cave 14 / Ravana Ka Khai.
  • Cave 10 / Viswakarma Cave.
  • Cave 32 / Indra Sabha.
  • Cave 33 & Cave 34.
  • Cave 11 / Dho Tal.
  • Cave 12 / Teen Tal.
  • Cave 29 / Dumar Lena.

Who built Ellora caves in Maharashtra?

It was built by the Rashtrkuta king, Krishna I. Situated in the south of the precinct, these caves are estimated to have been built during 600 to 730 CE.

How can I book Ajanta caves ticket?

You can book your Ajanta Caves online ticket from the Yatra website by going onto the Monuments section from the homepage, and then feeding Ajanta Caves in your search box. The subsequent page will show up all information about the caves including the Ajanta Caves ticket price.

Why is Ellora caves famous?

Ellora represents the epitome of Indian rock-cut architecture. Ellora is famous for Hindu, Buddhist and Jain cave temples built during (6th and 9th centuries) the rule of the Kalachuri, Chalukya and Rashtrakuta dynasties. The five Jain caves at Ellora belong to the ninth and tenth centuries.

Who destroyed Ellora Caves?

Mughal King Aurangzeb
There is an interesting tale about the Kailasa Temple of Ellora. Mughal King Aurangzeb who destroyed thousands of Hindu temple, also tried to destroy Kailasa temple. It is said that 1000 people were sent to destroy the temple in the year 1682.

How old is Ellora?

Ellora Caves, northwest-central Maharashtra state, India. The 12 Buddhist caves (in the south) date from about 200 bce to 600 ce, the 17 Hindu temples (in the centre) date from about 500 to 900 ce, and the 5 Jain temples (in the north) date from about 800 to 1000.

What is the shape of Ajanta caves?

horseshoe shape
The caves, cut into the face of a mountain, form a horseshoe shape around the Wangorah River. They are an example of one of Indian’s unique artistic traditions known as rock cut temples.

Is Ellora Caves man made?

All of the Ellora monuments were built during the Rashtrakuta dynasty, which constructed part of the Hindu and Buddhist caves, and the Yadava dynasty, which constructed a number of the Jain caves….

Ellora Caves
Type Cultural
Criteria i, iii, vi
Designated 1983 (7th session)
Reference no. 243

Where are the Ellora Caves in Maharashtra located?

It is 29 kilometres (18 miles) north-west of Aurangabad, and about 300 kilometres (190 miles) east-northeast of Mumbai. Today, the Ellora Caves, along with the nearby Ajanta Caves, are a major tourist attraction in the Marathwada region of Maharashtra and a protected monument under the Archaeological Survey of India.

Which is the best place to visit in Ellora?

At a distance of 300 m from Ellora Caves Bus Stop, Kailasa Temple is the largest rock-cut ancient Hindu temple in Ellora, Maharashtra. It is the prime attraction of Ellora tour packages. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the Kailasa Temple (Cave 16) is one of the 34 Cave temples and monasteries are known collectively as the Ellora Caves.

Which is the largest temple in the Ellora Caves?

The Kailasa temple (Cave 16) is the largest of the 34 Buddhist, Jain and Hindu cave temples and monasteries known collectively as the Ellora Caves, ranging for over 2 kilometres (1.5 miles) along the sloping basalt cliff at the site.

Who are the authors of Ellora’s Cave?

Ellora’s Cave Books 1 Fury (New Species, #1) by Laurann Dohner 2 Valiant (New Species, #3) by Laurann Doh 3 Brawn (New Species, #5) by Laurann Dohne 4 Slade (New Species, #2) by Laurann Dohne 5 Justice (New Species, #4) by Laurann Doh