Where is Ko Chang District in Thailand located?

Where is Ko Chang District in Thailand located?

Ko Chang ( Thai: เกาะช้าง, pronounced [kɔ̀ʔ t͡ɕʰáːŋ]) is an amphoe (district) in Trat Province, Thailand. It is on the Gulf of Thailand ‘s eastern seaboard, 300 km (190 mi) from Bangkok, near the border with Cambodia. The island Ko Chang occupies most of the district’s land area, along with several smaller islands.

When was the Battle of Ko Chang fought?

On 17 January 1941, Ko Chang was the scene of the Battle of Ko Chang between the Royal Thai Navy and a much stronger Vichy French naval squadron, in which the French won a decisive victory.

Where does the name Ko Chang come from?

Ko Chang means ‘Elephant Island’ and derives from its elephant-shaped headland. Despite the presence of elephants on the island, they are not indigenous.

What kind of livelihood does Ko Chang have?

Ko Chang’s income derives largely from tourism, but some traditional livelihoods still exist. Many of Ko Chang’s villages rely on fishing, with Ban Salak Phet (Thai: บ้านสลักเพชร) being the largest and oldest community on Ko Chang, in a sheltered location in the south of the island.

Where are the main settlements on Ko Chang island?

The island is known for several waterfalls, coral reefs, and rainforests . The main settlements on the west coast are around Sai Khao, Hat Kai Mook, Hat Kai Bae, Ban Klong Prao and the fishing village of Bang Bao on the south coast. The island’s administrative centre is Ban Dan Mai on the east coast.

What kind of frog is Ko Chang island?

The Ko Chang frog ( Limnonectes kohchangae) was originally thought to be an endemic species, but has also been found on the mainland. The island forms a district ( amphoe) in the province of Trat. It was formed on 30 April 1994, when it was split off from Laem Ngop District, at first being classed as a minor district ( king amphoe ).