Where are 4 Yorks based?

Where are 4 Yorks based?

The 4th Battalion (4 YORKS), is the Army Reserve battalion of the Yorkshire Regiment. The battalion headquarters is in Worsley Barracks, York and forms part of 4th Infantry Brigade and Headquarters North East.

How many battalions are in the Yorkshire Regiment?

Three battalions
Three battalions; one Armoured Infantry equipped with Warrior, one Enhanced Light Role Infantry and a battalion of Light Infantry Reserve; all proud to be called ‘Yorkshire’s Infantry’.

What regiments are based in Yorkshire?

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  • 4th/7th Royal Dragoon Guards.
  • 45th (Leeds Rifles) Royal Tank Regiment.
  • 51st (Leeds Rifles) Royal Tank Regiment.
  • 65th (2nd Yorkshire, North Riding) Regiment of Foot.
  • 84th (York and Lancaster) Regiment of Foot.

How old is the Yorkshire Regiment?

The Yorkshire Regiment was formed as a result of a decision made in 2004 to restructure the organisation of the Infantry. The Regiment was formed on Tuesday 6th June 2006, as three Regular Infantry Battalions (1st, 2nd and 3rd) and one Territorial Infantry Battalion (4th).

What regiments are based in Catterick?

The current units based within Catterick Garrison include:

  • Commander and Staff Trainer (North)
  • Alma Lines. 1st Battalion, Yorkshire Regiment.
  • Cambrai Lines. Royal Lancers (Queen Elizabeth’s Own)
  • Meggido Lines.
  • Piave Lines.
  • Bourlon Barracks.
  • Gaza Barracks.
  • Harden Barracks.

Where does the 4th Battalion Yorkshire Regiment train?

In addition, 4 YORKS soldiers were mobilised and deployed alongside the regulars of 2 YORKS on Op TORAL 9 in Kabul, ably demonstrating the utility of the reserves. The Battalion recruits and trains from Army Reserve Centre (ARCs) located in York, Hull, Barnsley, Sheffield, Huddersfield, Leeds, Bradford, Catterick and Middlesbrough.

Where are the 4 Yorks mobile testing teams?

Over the past few years, 4 YORKS completed a successful multi-national exercise in Lithuania, a major exercise in Denmark, mobilised in support of flood relief in West Yorkshire and to deliver COVID-19 mobile testing teams across the north of England.

When did 4 Yorks join the British Army?

Since formation in 2006, 4 YORKS have joined 4th Infantry Brigade and are part of the newly renamed Army Reserve. GPMG The general purpose machine gun (GPMG) can be used as a light weapon and in a sustained fire role. Infantry PRR is issued to every member of an eight-strong infantry section.

Where is the Yorkshire Regiment at Harewood Barracks?

Corunna Company Detachment 4th Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment Harewood Barracks Army Reserve Centre Skinner Lane Leeds LS7 1AT 0113 215 7301 or 07971 891883 Corunna Company Detachment 4th Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment Belle Vue Barracks Army Reserve Centre Drill Parade Bradford BD8 7HY 01274 722129 or 07823 551082