When did Hunstanton Pier Collapse?

When did Hunstanton Pier Collapse?

11th January 1978
On 11th January 1978, a storm destroyed most of the pier and a small section at the end was removed by the council some weeks later. The shoreward end amusement arcade survived, along with one set of piles, to remind people of what had arguably been East Anglia’s finest pier.

Did Hunstanton have a pier?

Our family entertainments centre stands proudly on the site of Hunstanton Pier, once widely regarded as the east of England’s finest Victorian pier. Originally opened in 1870, the pier was once home to a large and popular pavilion, destroyed by fire in 1939.

Why is Hunstanton called Sunny Hunny?

Hunstanton was purpose-built by local landowner Henry Styleman le Strange in 1846 AD. It is affectionately known locally as “Sunny Hunny” as it has some of the driest sunny weather in England.

What is Hunstanton known for?

Hunstanton, or ‘Hunston’ as it is known locally, is renowned for its unique striped cliffs and magnificent sunsets, made special by its position as the only west-facing resort on the East coast. Hunstanton’s excellent beach offers ideal conditions for playing on the sand, exploring rock pools, and enjoying the sea.

When was Hunstanton flooded?

It is now 40 years since Hunstanton lost its elegant pier to a great storm that caused widespread flooding across West Norfolk. The North Sea storm surge which occurred over January 11 and 12, caused extensive coastal flooding and considerable damage on the east coast of England between the Humber and Kent.

What are Hunstanton cliffs made of?

Norfolk, England The base of the cliffs consists of red-brown carstone – sandstone and pebbly sandstone which contains some feldspar and glauconite. Some of the carstone is cross-stratified. There are very occasional body fossils in this layer but the top of it is bioturbated.

How old is Hunstanton?

Hunstanton has pre-historic origins, with evidence unearthed in 1970 of a late Neolithic or early Bronze Age settlement dating back to 1500 – 2000BC.

Why did people first visit Hunstanton?

Hunstanton is where England’s first patron saint is said to have stepped ashore to claim his kingdom in 855. Thirteen years later King Edmund was killed by a Viking army, after refusing to renounce his Christian faith.

Is Hunstanton any good?

Hunstanton is the only resort town in East Anglia which faces west, making the beach relatively sheltered from sea breezes and an excellent place to enjoy watching the sun set. The charming, Victorian resort of Hunstanton was purpose-built in 1846 and retains a particular type of old-world charm.

Is Hunstanton Lively?

For a more lively seaside atmosphere, Hunstanton is a popular coastal resort for all ages with lots of beach-based activities, the guide below mostly pertaining to that particular beach. Be safe while visiting West Norfolk’s beaches and coastline.

How old are the cliffs at Hunstanton?

between 135 and 70 million years ago
During the Cretaceous geological period, between 135 and 70 million years ago, the cliffs were under the sea, and are rich in fossils formed from the dead creatures which fell onto the seabed. Fossils are found in the chalky layers of Hunstanton cliffs.

Why are the cliffs at Hunstanton red?

The Red Rock is actually chalk – the red colour comes from iron pigments. The white chalk was also laid down in deep marine conditions. It consists of a series of distinctive beds rather than being a uniform structure. Hunstanton Cliffs provide important information about then-current conditions.

What to do at the pier in Hunstanton?

Hunstanton is a brilliant seaside resort with miles of beautiful beaches and cliffs, watersports, kite surfing, sailing and windsurfing. It’s also one of the few places on the East Coast where you can watch the sun set over the sea! Read on to discover more about the Pier and come and see us soon…

When was Hunstanton pier destroyed by a fire?

The remaining Hunstanton Pier building on the landward end was destroyed by fire in 2002. Our Family Entertainments Centre pays tribute to the historic Hunstanton Pier by recreating some of the traditional family fun visitors would have enjoyed on the pier in years gone by…

Where to watch the Sunsets at Hunstanton?

The theatre hosts a wide range of entertainment including shows, concerts, films and pantomime. The terrace bar at the front of the theatre is open to the public, and is a great vantage point for watching the famous Hunstanton sunsets. These clifftop gardens are beautifully landscaped and host a range of events during the holiday season.

Is the Hunstanton theatre open to the public?

The theatre hosts a wide range of entertainment including shows, concerts, films and pantomime. The terrace bar at the front of the theatre is open to the public, and is a great vantage point for watching the famous Hunstanton sunsets.