What techniques does john Wolseley use?

What techniques does john Wolseley use?

Wolseley himself utilises traditional techniques and mediums of watercolour, collage, frottage, nature printing and other methods of direct physical contact in his works.

What art did John Wolseley use?

The panels are constructed from irregularly cut overlapping sheets of heavy — around 300 grams per square metre — watercolour papers that have been glued together. In some areas, Wolseley has carefully cut the paper at the edges to mask areas below or follow contours of images, such as leaf edges.

What is john Wolseley famous for?

Painter, printmaker and installation artist John Wolseley was born in Somerset, England. He studied at St Martins School of Art between 1957 and 1958, the Byam Shaw School of Art, London, in printmaking from 1958 to 1963 and later in Paris between 1961 and 1963.

When did John Wolseley paint?

The 38-year-old artist arrived in Australia in 1976, purportedly for a 6-month stay. He had worked and travelled extensively, spending two years with S.W. Hayter at Atelier 17 in Paris.

How old is John Wolseley?

About 83 years (1938)
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What processes does Judy Watson use?

The artist uses printmaking, drawing, painting and installation to explore themes relating to her Aboriginal heritage.

Where is John Wolseley?

Somerset, United Kingdom
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Where did Wolseley live?

John Wolseley b. 1938. Painter, was born in Great Britain. He came to Australia in 1976 and lives in central Victoria although he has worked mainly recording the natural history of remote north Australia in minutely detailed, large paintings.

What kind of art does Judy Watson make?

Who is Judy Watson? Judy Watson was born in 1959 in Munduberra, Queensland, Australia and lives and works in Brisbane. The artist uses printmaking, drawing, painting and installation to explore themes relating to her Aboriginal heritage.

Who is Jacqueline scotcher?

Jacqueline Scotcher is a visual artist who investigates themes of landscape, place and movement. How walking receptively through natural landscapes can be evoked through abstract painting and how this duality works to enrich emplacement via sensuous means, drives Jacqueline’s practice.

Is Judy Watson Aboriginal?

In 1990 Judy Watson was able to fulfil her life-long dream of researching her Aboriginal heritage by travelling to her grand-mother’s country of north-west Queensland. A direct descendant of the Waanyi clan, Watson was born in 1959 at Mundubbera in the coastal hinterland of Queensland.

How old is Judy Watson?

About 62 years (1959)
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Judy Watson (born 1959) is an Australian Waanyi multi-media artist who works in print-making, painting, video and installation. Her work often examines Indigenous Australian histories, and she has received a number of high profile commissions for public spaces.