What sound system is used in Mercedes?

What sound system is used in Mercedes?

Harman Kardon ® Logic 7 ® SURROUND SOUND SYSTEM WITH FRONTBASS. Harman Kardon and Mercedes-Benz are revolutionizing the roadster music experience with the exclusive Frontbass technology in the new SL combined with the Harman Kardon surround sound system.

What cars use Burmester?

Burmester Automotive

  • Bugatti.
  • Porsche.
  • Mercedes-Benz.

What cars have Burmester sound system?

The partnership was continued successfully with the Porsche Cayenne, the 911 Carrera, the Boxster, the Cayman, and 918 Spyder. With the next generation of Porsche Panamera, Burmester entered an entirely new sound dimension of listening quality, which can also be experienced in the Porsche Cayenne and Porsche Taycan.

What brand speakers do Mercedes use?

Harman Kardon
Harman Kardon + Mercedes Benz.

Is the Mercedes Benz Burmester surround sound system worth it?

According to audio reviewers and customers alike, the Burmester sound system is a great addition to any Mercedes-Benz. The system both sounds and looks great. While pricey, it’s more reasonably priced than many other top-tier luxury vehicle sound systems. In addition, it often comes in packages bundled with other desirable features.

What kind of sound system does Mercedes Benz’s class use?

The Burmester High-End 4D Surround Sound System for the Mercedes-Benz S-Class is another jointly achieved milestone on this journey. Functionally, the High-End 4D Surround Sound System enhances the previous system by incorporating structure-borne sound transducers, so-called exciters, into the seat.

How much does a Burmester sound system cost?

A Burmester sound system on its own can be extremely pricey (running to around 130k for the whole setup), so getting a taste in one’s Mercedes-Benz for a couple thousand doesn’t sound so crazy by comparison. The feature often comes as a part of packages that deliver additional tantalizing features as well.

Why did Burmester create 4D surround sound system?

The goal of the High-End 4D Surround Sound System by Burmester and Mercedes-Benz was to personalize the sound in the automobile to the maximum and to make it a true experience. That’s why we set out to look beyond the sense of hearing and integrate new levels into the world of experience of those who hear.