What kind of walling do you use with Anstone?

What kind of walling do you use with Anstone?

Anstone® walling products replicate many of the natural stone walls in northern Britain. Standard Anstone® has a pitched texture giving a rugged effect, in which each block has a raised centre and is typical of quarry dressed stone. The buff colour matches and blends perfectly with Yorkshire Sandstone. Please use dropdown to select desired size.

Where does Anstone and shearstone stone come from?

A rough irregular shape which replicates stone traditionally walled in its quarried state, more prevalent in the South West of England and in Wales. When these options are combined with carefully selected colour ranges, Anstone®and Shearstone™give you the ability to match the regional vernaculars throughout the UK.

When did Forticrete walling stone start being used?

Forticrete Walling Stone has a history that cannot be matched, having provided a cost-effective alternative to natural stone since the 1920’s.

Which is better pentstone or Banes weathered stone?

Banes Weathered has been produced to meet planning requirements in Bath and North East Somerset. And Pentstone was created to match the local Grey Multi stone of Bristol and South Wales. HELPFUL HINT: The strength of the mortar should always be weaker than that of the stonework. Your mortar supplier should be able to provide suitable advice.

What kind of stone do you use for Walling?

To complement the Walling Stone products, Forticrete create a broad range of Standard Cast Stone Dressings in a variety of profiles and these are available either ex-stock, as Stone In Stock™or cast from standard moulds]

How big does a fyfestone wall need to be?

(approx) No per pack 440 x 90 x 140 5.33 15 80 440 x 90 x 215 4.60 10 48 290 x 90 x 215 4.80 15 72 220 x 90 x 65 5.33 60 320 290 x 90 x 65* 5.45 44 240 290 x 90 x 140* 5.45 22 120 PAGE 5 PAGE 6 FYFESTONE WALLING SOLUTIONS