What kind of dance does a ballerina do?

What kind of dance does a ballerina do?

Ballerina Dance showreel: The LED Ballerinas’ Ballet showreel is Contraband Entertainment’s most popular Youtube video. LED Ballerinas create diverse, thrilling, high-energy spectacles that will leave your audience buzzing.

Who are some famous ballerinas and breakdancers?

Picture, if you can, watching world-class ballerinas and breakdancers performing together to an original DJ set; Avicii, John Legend, Pharrell Williams – the music they perform to can be tailored to any corporate event, theme or anything your audience would like to hear. https://www.contrabandevents.com/proj…

Are there ballerinas that dance with LED lights?

Using world-class ballerinas and breakdancers, the LED Ballerinas offer a unique blend of modern and/ or classical culture through the use of LED lights, which is sure to captivate all!

What kind of injuries do ballet dancers get?

Extending the legs and holding them in the air while turned out causes damage to the hips. Such damage includes strains, fatigue fractures, and bone density loss. Injuries are common in ballet dancers because ballet consists of putting the body in unnatural positions.

Who is the professional ballet dancer on YouTube?

Alessia Lugoboni is a professional ballerina. This channel is a full of follow-along videos for everyone’s working on their Ballerina Body, learning Ballet at home or just wanting to improve posture and fitness level.

Where can I find ballet workout on YouTube?

Antwerp, Belgium About Youtuber Ballet Workout is a ballet inspired workout by professional ballerina Tatevik Mkrtoumian. It’s exclusively available at Ballet Workout Belgium and the only and first place in Belgium where you can follow these classes. We make ballet available for every woman.

Who are the actors in the movie Ballerina?

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