What is the purpose of public account committee?

What is the purpose of public account committee?

The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) is a committee of selected members of parliament, constituted by the Parliament of India, for the purpose of auditing the revenue and the expenditure of the Government of India.

What is the role of public Account Committee PAC in promoting accountability?

The Public Accounts Committee is one of the independent and significant committees of the Parliament in operation to oversee the administration of public fund and accountable government (ASOSAI, 1998; INTAN, 2000).

When was the public accounts committee established?

Public Accounts Committee/Founded

What is the role of the Public Accounts Committee in Zambia?

Functions of the Committee: The Committee examines the accounts showing the appropriation of sums granted by the National Assembly to meet the public expenditure, the Report of the Auditor-General on these accounts and such other accounts.

Who is the head of Estimate Committee?

Estimates Committee

Financial Standing Committee
Country India
Chairperson Girish Bapat
Chairperson party Bharatiya Janata Party

What do you mean by Public Accounts Committee?

Public Accounts Committee (PAC) refers to a committee in the legislature that must study public audits, invite ministers, permanent secretaries or other ministry officials to the committee for questioning, and issue a report of their findings subsequent to a government budget audit.

What is the role of accounting officer?

An accounting officer handles the financial record keeping of an organization. Accounting officers prepare invoices, record payments, and manage the expenses of the organization.

What is public investment committee?

ROLE OF PUBLIC INVESTMENT COMMITTEE The Public Investments Committee is constituted pursuant to the provisions of the constitution and is responsible for the examination of the working of the public investments. It consists of a chairperson and not more than sixteen other Members.

What is report of Public Accounts Committee?

The Committee on Public Accounts is constituted by Parliament each year for examination of accounts showing the appropriation of sums granted by Parliament for expenditure of Government of India, the annual Finance Accounts of Government of India, and such other accounts laid before Parliament as the Committee may deem …

What is public investment Committee?

Who are the members of Estimate committee?

Chairpersons of the committee (1950–present)

Sr. No. Name Term of office
24 C. Kuppuswami 2004-09
25 Francisco Sardinha 2009-14
26 Murli Manohar Joshi 2014-19
27 Girish Bapat 2019-24

What is the main function of Estimate committee?

The Estimates Committee is a committee of selected members of parliament, constituted by the Parliament of India (the Lok Sabha), for the purpose of scrutinising the functioning of government ministries and departments in terms of expenditure and utilisation of funds.

What is the role of the Public Account Committee of India?

In every Parliamentary democracy, Parliament is supreme and generally has control mechanism over the finances of the Federation. The Indian Constitution assigns this responsibility to the Parliament through the PAC. The decision of the PAC regarding explanations given by the agencies making the expenditure is final.

How does the Public Accounts Committee ( PAC ) work?

The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) recently approved the appointment of eleven senior officers in the Audit Office following a recommendation from the Auditor General (Ag.). At its previous meeting, the PAC was deadlocked on the matter, with Government members supporting the recommendation while Opposition members disagreed with it.

Is the Auditor General accountable to the legislature?

In other words, the Auditor General has to be accountable to someone. Since in essence the Audit Office serves the Legislature and not the Executive, it is entirely appropriate for a committee of the Legislature to oversee its operations. That committee is the PAC which acts as a kind of board for the Audit Office.

How does the Standing Committee of Parliament work?

Unlike other committees, a Standing Committee functions for the duration of the Assembly coinciding with the life of Parliament. For example, the recently appointed PAC will serve for the duration of the Tenth Parliament. After the next elections, a new PAC will be formed.