What is the price of mini projector in Pakistan?

What is the price of mini projector in Pakistan?

The Lowest price of Portable Projector in Pakistan is Rs….Portable Projector Price in Pakistan – Latest Prices.

Miroir HD Projector MP150A Rs. 73,899
Portable LED Projector UC28 Rs. 9,999
Kodak Pocket Portable Projector Rs. 42,099
Viewsonic M1 Portable Projector Rs. 60,000
ASUS P3B Portable LED Projector Rs. 128,099

What is the lowest price of a projector?

Egate i9 Pro-Max Android HD 720p (2600 lm / 1 Speaker /… Black. 3.9. ₹11,990. ₹15,990. 25% off.

  • Livato T800 Mini Portable Projector with Wired Scrennca… White. ₹3,499. 65% off. Add to Compare.
  • UNIY UY 46 Wireless Display ( AirPlay and MiraCast ) Co… Black. ₹5,680. ₹7,800. 27% off.
  • White. ₹31,499. ₹75,000. 58% off. Add to Compare.
  • How much is a tiny projector?

    Clocking in at just $60, the Tontion 2400 is the most affordable mini projector on the list. Its budget-friendly price point doesn’t compromise quality; according to reviewers, it can project onto a wall or screen from up to 12 feet away without compromising the image quality.

    What’s the price of projector?

    List of Best Selling Projector price

    Latest Projector Price
    Android Projector Wifi + Bluetooth and 4K, 3D support – Ultra Clear Large Display. HD Home Theater, Office Presentation ₹12670
    UNIC UC40 Entertainment LED Projector ₹6550
    UNIC UC46 WIFI LED 1200 Lumens Home Cinema Portable Projector With Free Speaker ₹7500

    Which mobile phone has a projector?

    1. Lenovo Smart Cast. The world’s first smartphone that comes with an integrated focus-free laser projector comes from Lenovo.

    How do I buy a mini projector?

    6 Things to Know Before Buying a Mini Projector

    1. Contrast Ratio. The difference between dark and light areas on the screen is the contrast ratio.
    2. Resolution. Higher resolution results in crisp and clear picture quality.
    3. Ease of Use.
    4. Throw Distance and Positioning.
    5. Brightness.
    6. Battery Capacity.

    Can I make my phone a projector?

    All you need are a few supplies including a magnifying glass and a shoebox. Easy instructions. I turned my i-phone into a wall projector for under $4.00. It was easy and simple and took about 10 minutes to make and then I used the projector to transfer letters and numbers on the wall.