What is the plot of test by Theodore Thomas?

What is the plot of test by Theodore Thomas?

This story is about a young man named Robert Proctor, who is put under hypnosis to experience a terrible car accident with his mother, a little girl, and himself. This is all done by the government in order to see how he would react in this kind of situation, to see if he is a suitable driver.

What is the climax of test by Theodore Thomas?

Plot Structure: Climax – Robert signs paper for license and is then dragged away by two men. Falling Action/Denouement – There is no falling action or denouement.

What is the main idea of the test by Theodore Thomas?

The main themes in “Test” are loss of individual agency, the controlling state, and simulation versus reality. Loss of individual agency: Robert’s initial sense of independence proves illusory as he is forced into a simulated car accident and then dragged away by men in lab coats.

What is the conflict in test by Theodore Thomas?

In “The Test” Robert Proctor has no way to defend himself. He is a victim of “the system”, which has created a measuring tool to define insanity or safety “their” way. The individual has no business in Proctor’s society and the main conflict cannot be resolved. Hence, he does not have any control over his fate.

What do the two grooves on the floor indicate?

The Two Grooves in the Floor The two grooves represent the many people who have met the same fate and symbolize the problematic design of the test, which is meant to be the final step before obtaining a driver’s license but is designed to prevent people from wanting and having a driver’s license.

What’s the theme of the test?

The main themes explored in the story “The Test” by Angelica Gibbs are racism, power abuse, and injustice. The theme of racism is closely connected with the themes of power abuse and injustice because the inspector’s power abuse and the injustice suffered by Marian are consequences of racism.

What is the symbolism in test by Theodore Thomas?

Symbolism abounds in this short story: one in particular is that of the man in the blue uniform. The uniform symbolizes police and government dominance. However “Test” shows us that it is the government that is in control. In this story the government is like a “Dictator”.

What is Robert Proctor doing when the story begins?

Robert Proctor feels relaxed and alert at the beginning of the short story.

Who is the protagonist in the short story the test?

Marian is the protagonist of the short story. She is a young African-American woman who is taking her driving test for the second time.

What is the theme of mirror image?

Mirror Image Analysis In the short story Mirror Image the author addresses a great deal of self realization, defining the protagonist Alice throughout the story. An important theme about this character is focusing on how experiences change the views and perceptions we make of ourselves.

Is Robert Proctor a good driver?

What type of driver is Robert Proctor? Even though he is young, Robert is a good driver.

What is the plot of Mirror Image?

Mirror image is an allegorical tale about a girl on a journey to find her true identity. Both stories describe the protagonist (Alice) on their journey with themselves. Alice in Mirror Image must discover what it is that defines her, and similarly Alice In Wonderland must find her way “home.”

Who are the main characters in the test by Theodore Thomas?

Introduction – Robert Proctor is a skilled driver, driving on turnpike Rising Action – Robert is pushed off the road – Forced into oncoming traffic, driver in oncoming car cannot react, goes black before crash, -Robert wakes up from hypnosis, told he is taking drivers test, given sheet of paper to sign for his license.

What is the setting of the test by Theodore Thomas?

“The Test” by Theodore Thomas: Study Guide Setting: The imagined turnpike and actual examination room are the two settings of the stories, although the setting is fairly irrelevant to the overall plot Characters:

When did Robert Thomas take his drivers test?

“Theodore L. Thomas.” – Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. Web. 27 Oct. 2014 Robert went for a drivers test and was put into a reality situation (car accident). After the accident, uniformed men told Robert he could get his lisence; all he had to do was pay the fee.

When did Theodore Thomas have a car accident?

Rising Action: Robert crashed head on to a car. The passenger and a girl are left motionless in the other car. “Theodore L. Thomas.” – Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. Web. 27 Oct. 2014 Robert went for a drivers test and was put into a reality situation (car accident).