What is the fastest way to answer questions on the ACT?

What is the fastest way to answer questions on the ACT?

8 Ways to Improve Your Speed on the SAT/ACT

  1. Use a dull pencil.
  2. Cross out incorrect answers.
  3. Circle answers first, then bubble in your scantron one test page at a time.
  4. Skip the hard stuff on a first pass.
  5. Locate line-specific questions before reading the passage.
  6. Practice, and time yourself by individual passages.

What is best calculator for ACT?

Best Calculators for the ACT: Reviewed

Calculator for the ACT Award
1 TI-Nspire CX Best Overall
2 TI-84 Plus Best Value
3 HP39GS Budget Pick

How should I prepare for ACT fast?

10-Day ACT Study Plan

  1. Get Familiar With the ACT Format—20-30 Minutes.
  2. Pick Your ACT Target Score—30 Minutes.
  3. Take a Practice Test—3 Hours and 35 Minutes.
  4. Review and Analyze Your Practice Test—1 Hour.
  5. Learn the Strategies—3 Hours.
  6. Take and Review a Practice Section—2 Hours.
  7. Learn More Section Strategy—3 Hours.

How do you cheat on ACT?

The basic signs of cheating – like looking at someone else’s test paper, talking, using inappropriate materials, or causing any disturbances – are all prohibited while taking the ACT. Since it is strictly timed, students cannot look back or ahead in the test booklet.

Is 20 a good ACT score?

A 20 ACT score puts you at the 49th percentile, meaning you scored higher than 49% of all test takers — which is certainly something to be proud of! To increase your competitiveness during the college application process, though, you’ll want to meet or exceed the national average, which is closer to a score of 21.

Is ti-83 allowed on ACT?

Although graphing capabilities are not necessary for ACT success, students accustomed to using a graphing calculator may want to find an acceptable replacement. TI-83 and TI-84 models are approved.

Is a TI-84 allowed on the ACT?

The TI-84 Plus graphing calculator is allowed during the entire portion of the math section of the ACT. You can use your TI graphing calculator to work through problems more efficiently, help verify answers, and model a difficult word problem.

Can you study for the ACT in 2 days?

My answer to this question is yes… but only under two uncommon circumstances. If you really feel confident that you can get a good ACT score in a day, and you have time for a future retake at a later date, I say go for it!

Is 18 a good ACT score?

Is a 18 a good ACT score? It places you in the bottom 38th percentile nationally out of the 2 million test takers of the ACT entrance exam. The score indicates you’ve done a below average job answering the questions on the English, Math, Reading and Science sections of the test.

Is a 19 on the ACT good?

Is 19 a good ACT score? A 19 ACT score doesn’t make you eligible or competitive at as many colleges and universities as most would want. To improve your eligibility and competitiveness, you’ll want to aim for a 20 to 21, which puts you right at the national average.

Is C usually the correct answer?

The idea that C is the best answer to choose when guess-answering a question on a multiple choice test rests on the premise that ACT answer choices are not truly randomized. In other words, the implication is that answer choice C is correct more often than any other answer choice.