What is Polyadelphous condition?

What is Polyadelphous condition?

Polyadelphous is a condition where stamens join together with each other and form multiple bundles in which anthers are set free as in case of citrus plants. Syngenecious is a condition where the anthers of filament are united and the filaments are set free as in the case of sunflowers.

What is the example of Polyadelphous?

give 3 example s except citrus. Polyadelphous flowers are those in which the stamens have united filaments and are fused in two or more groups.

What is Polyadelphous androecium?

Polyadelphous Androecium is when filaments are united in many groups with their anthers remaining free e.g., Ricinus, Citrus etc. Explanation: Androecium is the stamens of a flowering plant collectively.

Is Pea a monadelphous?

Pea has a diadelphous androecium i.e. all the stamens unite to form two bundles. Hibiscus has a Monadelphous androecium. Brassica is tetradynamous i.e two lateral stamens are small and four median stamens are large. In case of helianthus there are five separate stamens which unite to form a tube around the style.

What is Didynamous condition?

: having four stamens disposed in pairs of unequal length —used especially of plants of the families Scrophulariaceae and Labiatae.

Is bombax a Polyadelphous?

-Polyadelphous stamens are found in bombax trees belonging to the Malvaceae family. -Pollen grains are produced inside the pollen sac….

Column A Column B
A) Polyadelphous (i) Polypetalous
B) Pollen grains (ii) Calyx, Corolla
C) Free petals (iii) Nectar
D) Non-essential (iv) Bombax

Is Polyadelphous and Polyandrous same?

a group of male reproductive parts of a flower is called Polyandrous . and female parts are called Polyadelphous .

Does Citrus show Polyadelphous condition?

The polyadelphous stamen is seen in citrus; these have many small bunches of the fused stamen. So, the correct answer is Lemon. Note: Sometimes there is a variation in the length of the filaments of stamens seen in a single flower.

Is Solanaceae monadelphous?

In Solanaceae / Tomato, the stamens are fused into a tube-shaped form. t That is, they are epipetalous and they are polyandrous. In Malvaceae / Cotton, the stamens are monadelphous. The filaments of both stamens are joined together creating a single ring, but the anthers are separate.

Is monadelphous condition found in China rose?

Okra and china rose are some of the examples of monadelphous stamens.

Which is the best definition of polyadelphous?

Definition of polyadelphous. of stamens. : united by the anthers into three or more groups — compare diadelphous, monadelphous.

What kind of flower has polyadelphous stamens?

When the filaments of the stamens are united to form several bundles, the condition is called polyadelphous. It is seen in lemon. A. Lemon shows polyadelphous stamens. B. Gram shows diadelphous stamens. C. Sunflower shows syngenesious stamens. D. Cotton shows monadelphous stamens.

How are the filaments of a polyadelphous flower arranged?

(of stamens) having united filaments so that they are arranged in three or more groups (of flowers) having polyadelphous stamens Word Origin for polyadelphous C19: from New Latin, from poly- + -adelphous from Greek adelphos brother

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All we ask is that you do your best on this quiz that pushes your skills on using “upmost” and “utmost” to their limits! “Upmost” and “utmost” can be used interchangeably in most instances. Polyadelphous, stamens united by their filaments into several bundles, 100.