What is DuPont Kapton?

What is DuPont Kapton?

DuPont™ Kapton® EN is a premium performance polyimide film for use as a dielectric substrate for flexible printed circuits and high density interconnects. Kapton® EN is offered in a wide range of thickness from 5 µm ultra-thin to 50 µm thick, which provides more design flexibility to the customer.

Who manufactures Kapton?

DuPont™ Kapton® polyimide films have set the industry standard for over 45 years in high performance, reliability and durability, with a unique combination of electrical, thermal, chemical and mechanical properties that withstand extreme temperature, vibration and other demanding environments.

What is Kapton foil made of?

Kapton Foil fast facts The chemical name for Kapton K and HN is poly (4,4′-oxydiphenylene-pyromellitimide). It is produced from the condensation of pyromellitic dianhydride and 4,4′-oxydiphenylamine.

Is Kapton Food Safe?

Basically: no risk for ingestion.

Is Kapton a brand?

Trademark. Kapton is a registered trademark of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.

How hot can Kapton tape get?

Kapton® HN has been used successfully in applications at temperatures as low as -269°C (-452°F) and as high as 400°C (752°F).

What is Kapton foil and how does it work?

Kapton foil was explicitly developed as thermal protection, a protectant to the three astronauts inside the command module from all of the heat during their 25,000 miles an hour re-entry through our atmosphere.

Why choose DuPont™ Kapton® polyimide film?

Low Mass. DuPont™ Kapton® Polyimide Film and All-Polyimide flexible etched foil heaters are ideal for applications requiring low outgassing, operating in extreme environments or where space and weight allowances are limited.

What happened to the kapton foil on the Apollo 11 mission?

This Kapton Foil was removed from the Lunar Module Eagle’s descent stage mere days before the historic launch of the Apollo 11 mission. Kapton is a polyimide film produced by DuPont in the late 1960s that remains stable across a wide range of temperatures, from −269 to +400 °C (−452 to 752 °F; 4 to 673 K).

What is the temperature range for Kapton HN film?

Kapton® HN general-purpose polyimide film Kapton® HN is the recommended choice for applications that require an all-polyimide film with an excellent balance of properties over a wide range of temperatures. Kapton® HN has been used successfully in applications at temperatures as low as -269°C (-452°F) and as high as 400°C (752°F).