What happens at AOSB main board?

What happens at AOSB main board?

AOSB main board This is a four-day selection event that consists of a number of different but inter-linked intellectual, physical, mental and aptitude tests. The details of the physical tasks, command tasks, interviews and academic tests are not made public.

Do you get a calculator at AOSB?

The AOSB briefing aptitude test has 3 sections: Numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning and abstract reasoning. You will sit the aptitude test on a computer and calculators are not allowed. You will be given a pen and paper to help with your calculations and to demonstrate your workings out.

How often does AOSB?

AOSB Main Board Boards usually run during the week, however, there are weekend boards for those people who cannot genuinely attend during the week. You will be split up into medium sized groups of approximately 8 people for the duration of the board.

What is AOSB SSE?

It stands for Senior Soldier Entry.

What is Army cognitive test?

Ability Tests (Army Cognitive Test (Verifier)) – Taken on a computer, this is designed to measure your soldier potential. Everybody takes this series of five tests. You can go to your local Army Careers Centre and talk it through with a Recruiter if you’re worried. Your score determines which jobs you can go for.

Where is AOSB held?

ARMY OFFICER SELECTION BOARD (AOSB) Your assessment takes place in two parts: AOSB Briefing and AOSB Main Board, both take place in Westbury, Wiltshire. Once your Candidate Support Manager thinks that you’re ready, you’ll be sent to briefing.

What is Barb test?

The British Army Recruit Battery or BARB Test is a computer-based, psychometric assessment that was developed by the Defence Evaluation and Research Agency (DERA) and Plymouth University. It is a series of timed questions that assess a candidate’s ability to absorb information quickly, accurately and logically.

How long is the army cognitive test?

The test is usually 30 minutes long.