What happened in the UK in 2006?

What happened in the UK in 2006?

7 July – United Kingdom commemorates the first anniversary of the 7/7 terrorist bombings. 17 July – George W. Bush greets Tony Blair with the phrase “Yo, Blair”. 18 July – 180 British citizens evacuated from the Lebanon due to growing crisis between Hizbollah militants and Israel.

What was going on in May 2006?

Music Awards May 26 The May 2006 Java earthquake kills over 5,700 people, leaves 200,000 homeless.

What year was it in 2006?

Year of the Dog

Dog Year Start End
1970 Feb.6,1970 Jan.26,1971
1982 Jan.25,1982 Feb.12,1983
1994 Feb.10,1994 Jan.30,1995
2006 Jan.29,2006 Feb.17,2007

What was happening in September 2006?

  • Sep 1 The United States men’s basketball team is upset at the World Basketball Championships in Saitama, Japan, as the hot-shooting Greece pulls off a 101-95 semi final victory.
  • Sep 1 Luxembourg becomes the 1st country to complete the move to all digital television broadcasting.

Who was in power in 2006 in the UK?

Labour’s campaign for the local elections was launched on 5 April 2006 and was led by the Prime Minister, Tony Blair MP (Lab, Sedgefield) and the Chancellor of the Exchequer and Blair’s expected successor, Gordon Brown MP (Lab, Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath) in the wake of rumours of a split between the two over when Blair …

What pop culture events happened in 2007?

Here are 10 other major pop culture events we were freaking out about a decade ago.

  • Anna Nicole Smith died.
  • Britney Spears shaved her head.
  • The Sopranos ended.
  • Mad Men premiered.
  • Knocked Up changed the comedy game.
  • ‘Obama Girl’ went viral.
  • I Can Has Cheezburger consumed the internet.
  • Bob Barker signed off The Price is Right.

What was the best selling PG 13 movie in 2006?

Pirates of the Caribbean: D…
Box Office Performance for PG-13 Movies in 2006

Rank Movie Tickets Sold
1 Pirates of the Caribbean: D… 64,628,368
2 X-Men: The Last Stand 35,780,528
3 The Da Vinci Code 33,211,624
4 Superman Returns 30,552,671

Is 2006 a leap year?

The year 2006 is not evenly divisible by 4. So it was not a leap year. The year 2000 is evenly divisible by 4. But it is also divisible by 100.

What is the importance of 6th September?

The date of 6 September marks the day in 1965 when Indian troops crossed the international border to launch an attack on Pakistani Punjab, in a riposte to Pakistan’s Operation Grand Slam targeting Jammu.

What pop culture events happened in 2008?

Top Pop Culture Moments of 2008

  • Barack Obama wins the race for the White House.
  • Sarah Palin flops due to a fake (SNL, Katie Couric)
  • The Olympics/Michael Phelps Advertisement.
  • The Dark Knight.
  • Britney Spears.
  • Brangelina (and a whole bunch of other less popular people) have twins!

What was the major event in the year 2006?

Historical Events for the Year 2006. 2nd January » An Sago Mine disaster or explosion in a coal mine in Sago, West Virginia traps and kills 12 miners, while leaving one miner in critical condition. 4th January » Prime Minister of Israel named Prime Minister Ariel Sharon of Israel suffers a second, apparently more serious stroke.

What was happening in pop culture in 2006?

16. 2006 saw the beginning of the decline of Britney Spears. That year, the star partied with Paris Hilton, went out without underwear, lost custody of her children, and split with K-Fed. 17. Google purchased YouTube for $1.65 billion, becoming the most expensive purchase made by Google during its then eight-year history.

Who are some famous people that died in 2006?

Famous People Who Died in 2006. Augusto Pinochet (1915 – 2006) Floyd Patterson (1935 – 2006) Gerald Ford (1913 – 2006) James Brown (1933 – 2006) Saddam Hussein (1937 – 2006) Steve Irwin (1962 – 2006) More Famous Deaths

What was the most popular movie in 2006?

In film, 2006 saw The Da Vinci Code, starring Tom Hanks, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, starring Johnny Depp, and Casino Royale, starring Daniel Craig top the box office. Crash, Brokeback Mountain, Capote, and Walk the Line were the big films at the 78th Academy Awards of 2006. Looking for 2006 Calendar ?