What does unlimited evenings and weekends mean TELUS?

What does unlimited evenings and weekends mean TELUS?

The unlimited evenings and weekend are based on your actually rate plan. We have 3 different times so please check your invoice so we can ensure you have the right feature. Evening and weekends starts at 9pm. Early evenings and weekends starts at 6pm.

How much does TELUS charge per minute?

Pay per minute rates 7¢ per minute to over 60 international destinations as part of your Home Phone plan, including Canada and the US.

How do I add minutes to my Telus phone?

Call #123 from your TELUS Prepaid device or 1-877-277-7745 from another phone. Note: A $2 per transaction service fee applies to customers who top-up, or purchase a 30-day rate plan or add-on by using *611 or 1-866-558-2273.

What is data Flex on TELUS plan?

What are Flex plans? It’s basically an easier way to charge data overage, by having fixed tier pricing for different pool of data usage. Basically, at each level is a price and a set amount of data. Once you go over that level, TELUS automatically bumps you up to more data allocations for another price.

Does TELUS have unlimited data?

Does TELUS offer unlimited/endless data plans? While our Unlimited plans allow you to use unlimited data, your speeds will be slowed once you reach the plans GB allowance. For example, if a plan offers 20GB of high‑speed data, once you pass 20GB, you’ll notice slower speeds.

What does TELUS unlimited nationwide calls mean?

Nationwide calling means you can call home without any problem and receive calls from others in Canada.

Does Telus charge long distance incoming calls?

No. There are no long distance charges when receiving a call in your home area (province-wide or nation-wide), no matter where the caller is located.

Do Telus Prepaid minutes expire?

Prepaid Card last for period of 30 for 10 $ card, 60 for 25 and 50 $ cardor 365 days for 100 $ card. the minutes will expire if you don’t add a card prior of the expiry date. If you add a card always before the expiry date, the minutes will not expire.

Can I pay my Telus bill with a debit card?

Pre-authorized payments You can make your payments through your chequing account, by credit card or by Visa Debit. Here’s how to do it: Log in to My TELUS. If you have multiple accounts, select the one for which you’d like to set up payments.

Why is my Telus Internet bill so high?

Your first bill is pro-rated, so it would appear higher than what you were quoted. The first bill is always charged from day of activation till your billing cycle, plus an extra month in advance. There are several rate plan options and add ons which can be used to help reduce the monthly amount of the invoice.

When do free evenings and weekends start on Telus?

The unlimited evenings and weekend are based on your actually rate plan. We have 3 different times so please check your invoice so we can ensure you have the right feature. We also have 5pm Evening and weekends but usually that is indicated on your invoice. Thank you for choosing TELUS we appreciate your business. 11-26-2013 09:57 AM

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When does Telus unlimited calling start and end?

Nationwide minutes refer to calls originating in Canada and terminating anywhere in Canada. Evenings include unlimited calling starting at 6:00 PM and ending at 7:00 AM the next day. Weekends include unlimited calling starting at 12:00 AM on Saturday and end at 11:59 PM on Sunday.