What does borrowed trouble mean?

What does borrowed trouble mean?

Go out of one’s way to do something that may be harmful, as in Just sign the will—telling her about it ahead of time is borrowing trouble.

What does borrowing trouble from the future mean?

borrow trouble in American English to do something that is unnecessary and may cause future harm or inconvenience.

What does it mean to don’t borrow trouble?

Don’t borrow trouble is an idiom that means don’t worry about something before it is time to worry about it.

What does it mean to Borrow Trouble from someone?

To do something that is unnecessary and likely to cause problems later. That kid isn’t bullying you, so if you tattle on him to the teacher, you’re definitely borrowing trouble. Farlex Dictionary of Idioms. © 2015 Farlex, Inc, all rights reserved.

What does Honey, Don’t Borrow Trouble mean?

Her mother’s response to these questions was some of the wisest counsel I’ve heard: “Honey, don’t borrow trouble.” Don’t borrow trouble. There are many times to be overwhelmed with the unknown. It can dominate every thought, ruminating on things you cannot control or are unable to address.

How does the Don’t Borrow Trouble initiative work?

“Since its launch, the Don’t Borrow Trouble initiative has not only exposed hundreds of thousands of consumers to fundamentals of understanding, obtaining and maintaining good credit but has also helped homeowners avoid scams and resolve financial difficulties they may be experiencing.” Idioms browser ? Full browser ?

Why do people Borrow Trouble in the art of simple?

Don’t borrow trouble | The Art of Simple There are many troublesome things in life: the economy, poverty, crime, and disease, just to name a few. And if these issues aren’t enough, there’s also the worry associated with everything that’s just beyond our control. Worry can dominate your life. So can fear.