What are the best seats at Camp Nou?

What are the best seats at Camp Nou?

The Premium category offers some of the best views of the stadium. The seats are Located on the 1st 2 levels of both the lateral and presidential stand, by the center of the pitch, this category brings you closer to the benches’ sideline. these are definitely some of the best seats at the Camp Nou.

How much does the Camp Nou cost?

Camp Nou

Opened 24 September 1957
Renovated 1995, 2008, 2018
Construction cost €1.73 billion
Architect Francesc Mitjans and Josep Soteras

How are Camp Nou seats numbered?

The numbers are on the side of the seat of each row and follow a consecutive order from the lowest to the highest. Seat (SEIENT): the number is indicated on the seat itself. Note that the seat numbers are odd and even.

Is it possible to get El Clasico tickets?

Naturally tickets for El Clasico are rarer than gold dust… Your best bet is to study La Liga schedule and buy your tickets through a reputable ticket booking agency ahead of time.

Who has more wins in El Clasico?

El Clásico

Most wins Competitive matches: Real Madrid (99) Exhibition matches: Barcelona (19) Total matches: Barcelona (115)
Most player appearances Lionel Messi Sergio Ramos (45 each)
Top scorer Lionel Messi (26)
Largest victory Real Madrid 11–1 Barcelona Copa del Rey (19 June 1943)

Is Camp Nou open now?

Camp Nou museum is open between 10:00 AM to 03:00 PM from Monday to Sunday; the Access and Explanade areas are open from 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM from Monday to Sunday; the Barca Store is open from 10:00 AM to 04:00 PM from Monday to Sunday.

What is the Gol 1-2 category at Camp Nou?

The Gol 1-2 category is located on the levels 1 and 2 behind each goal at Camp Nou. A good mix of long date FC Barcelona fans, families and tourists.

What are the seating categories at the Camp Nou stadium?

The seating categories at the camp nou stadium as designated by FC Barcelona General Shortside, level 4 Bocas :521 to 530 and 540 to 549 The general category gives you access to the very top of the stands, behind each goals.

What are VIP tickets for FC Barcelona Camp Nou?

We provide you with the best available VIP tickets for an FC Barcelona football match at the Camp Nou. A high standard of seats, located on the first row on the second level behind each goal. You receive a very privileged view from comfortable padded seats and it ensures that you are right in the thick of the action

What to do in Camp Nou?

The best sports complex in the centre of a big city Barça Innovation Hub The center for sports knowledge and innovation. Barça Official Store Camp Nou Shop now at Barça’s Official Store Camp Nou Agrupació Jugadors The organisation that unites ex-players from all FC Barcelona football teams. Barça Rookies