What animals name starts with V?

What animals name starts with V?

Alphabetical List of Animals That Start with V

  • Vampire Bat.
  • Vampire Squid.
  • Vaquita.
  • Vulture.

What is a sea animal that starts with U?

N New Zealand Fur Seal Nudibranch
U Umbrella shell Unicorn sole
V Violet Sea Snail Viper fish
W Weedy Seadragon Whale. Humpback White Tube Worm Whitefin swell shark Worm, Fan Worm, Feather duster
X Zooxanthellae

What animals end with u?

Animals that end in U

  • Caribou: Arctic deer with large antlers in both sexes; called `reindeer’ in Eurasia and `caribou’ in North America.
  • Tamandu: small toothless anteater with prehensile tail and four-clawed forelimbs; of tropical South America and Central America.

What animal is V BTS?

V is a tiger because of his fierce looks! Jimin is a baby chick because of his puckered lips.

Do English words end in U?

Spelling Rule 3 states that English words do not end in I, U, V, or J. There are three true exceptions: the pronouns you, thou, and I. These words are completely phonetic, so they are easy to decode, but their spellings are unusual in that these letters are not normally used at the end.

Are there any animals that start with the letter U?

There are only a few animals with names that start with the letter U, and they include the uguisu, the umbrellabird, and the uakari. The uguisu is a bird whose song makes up for its dull plumage, and it is endemic to parts of Asia. The umbrellabird, whose name comes from its umbrella-like tuft adorning its head,…

What is monkey name starts with the letter U?

Uakari (a monkey) Unau (a sloth) Urial (a wild sheep) Urchin (a spiny marine creature) Umbrellabird (a bird with a large crest) Unicornfish (a fish with a long nose) Uromastyx (a spiny lizard) Uguisu (a Japanese nightingale)

What are some four letter animal names?

4 Letter Animals Bear. Bears are considered as part of the family Ursidae. Lion. In the Felidae family, there is a species Panthera leo and people commonly recognize it as the lion. Duck. The word of duck is used for calling the animals which are included in the family Anatidae. Crab. Bull. Lynx. Wolf. Oryx. Anoa. Kudu.

What are the names of animals?

List of Male, Female, Group and Baby Animal Names. Generic Name – Male – Female – Baby – Group: WHALE – Bull – Cow – Calf – School. WALRUS – Bull – Cow – Cub/Pup – Herd/Pod. TURTLE – Male – Female – Hatchling – Bale/Dule. TURKEY – Tom – Hen – Poult – Flock/Rafter.