Is vayama out of business?

Is vayama out of business?

Travix closed Vayama-brand that operated in the Americas effective September 22, 2020, based on the notice published on its website. The other branded websites appear to be still running.

Who is vayama owned by? Group
Travix International B.V.

Type Subsidiary
Brands BudgetAir Flugladen Vayama Vliegwinkel
Number of employees 500 (January 2015)
Parent Group

Where is vayama located?

Mountain View, an online travel agency, operates a travel website that offers flights, hotels, and cars. The company was founded in 2007 and is based in Mountain View, California.

How does vayama work?

Vayama is an online travel agency which means we offer you a booking platform to book directly with the airline. After your ticket is issued the amount you paid is transferred directly to the airline. To be able to refund you the airline needs to refund us first.

How do you call vayama?

1 (855) 396-8777
Vayama/Customer service

What is vayama IE?

Vayama Ireland ( is one of the largest online travel agencies in Ireland. With you can put together your own travel package by combining flights, hotel and car hire and book these safely online! Always Great Deals for Flights, Hotels and Car Hire on

Is vayama reputable?

Vayama is legit. Half the time people complain because they’re clueless about the terms of the ticket they’ve bought or have mistakes/changes they need to rectify. To some extent this can apply to any third party so it’s usually best to book direct with the airline.

How is vayama so cheap?

Because Vayama doesn’t sell you tickets. Vayama only sells the promise of getting on a flight. So if airline you chose to fly on doesn’t get a confirmation from Vayama, you end up screwed. Vayama basically is so cheap by selling you the illusion of tickets.

Can I trust vayama?

Is vayama legitimate?

Is Fareboom reputable?

Overall, appears to be an excellent and trustworthy resource for finding flight tickets. Savings are easy to identify upfront and extra cost saving tips are available as you plan you plan your trip.

What do you need to know about Vayama flights?

Vayama – Cheap International Flights. Vayama is an online travel agency specialized in selling cheap international flight tickets. We are committed to providing travelers with the most comprehensive set of airline fares and flights to both popular destinations and airports as well as to some of the most remote corners of the world.

When did the Vayama travel website come out? — launched April 3, 2007 — is a travel website that gives Americans a whole world of choice in international air travel, including to some of the more remote corners of the globe.

Where is Vayama travel agency in San Jose located?

If I’m not mistaken they are primarily a Europe centered operation based in Amsterdam. I’ve used Vayama once for a Virgin Atlantic flight to Miami. It was cheap, the code was for the cheapest flight ticket with no changes etc.

What’s the difference between Vayama and 1800flyeurope?

It’s just another travel service like Vayama or Orbitz or any of the other booking places. As for 1800flyeurope, their fares were about $350 higher for my same travel dates, so I didn’t go through them. Vayama advertises 24/7 phone customer support which is one of the reasons I was interested in them.