Is the XT250 a good bike?

Is the XT250 a good bike?

Performance-wise, the XT250 makes un-intimidating power, which is great for newbies and casual trail riders, or for those wanting something fun and easy to execute those quick trips to the grocery store on. It’s an economical motorcycle, too.

What does XT stand for in Yamaha?

XT660Z Ténéré The Yamaha XT660 is dual-purpose on/off road motorcycles released by Yamaha Motors as a replacement for the XT600. It is a development of the original XT series (‘X’ stands for 4 strokes, ‘T’ for TRAIL), a line of motorcycles inspired by those used on the Paris Dakar rally.

How many gears does a XT250 have?

Yamaha XT250 Specifications

Engine & Drivetrain:
Transmission: 5-speed; multiple-disc wet clutch
Final Drive: Chain
Suspension / Front: 35 mm telescopic fork; 8.9-in travel

Is XT250 fuel injected?

The XT250’s fuel injection offers smooth throttle response and easy starting in nearly all conditions. Electric start makes firing up the 249cc four-stroke effortless. 245mm front disc and 203mm rear disc brakes combine to deliver superb stopping power on both paved and unpaved surfaces.

What is the top speed of the Yamaha XT250?

With this drive-train, the Yamaha XT250 is capable of reaching a maximum top speed of 112.0 km/h (69.6 mph) .

How much power does a Honda XT250 engine put out?

Power figures vary depending on whose dyno was used, but unofficially the XT250 puts out something between 16 and 18 ponies. This is barely enough for highway speeds, but is fine for its designed purpose and makes the XT250 capable in rough terrain and on other-than-interstate roads.

How high is the ground clearance on a Yamaha XT250?

Yamaha XT250 Long-travel suspension and 11.2 inches of ground clearance live under a seat that’s only 31.9 inches from the ground. The Yamaha XT250’s fuel injection gives a smooth throttle response and smooth starting in nearly all conditions.

What kind of suspension does a Yamaha XT250 have?

On the topic of chassis characteristics, responsible for road holding, handling behavior and ride comfort, the Yamaha XT250 has a frame with front suspension being Telescopic fork 35mm and at the rear, it is equipped with Showa monoshock with adjustable preload and rebound damping. .