Is the Ford Focus ST170 any good?

Is the Ford Focus ST170 any good?

It lacks the raw, hard-edged thrills of the turbocharged Focus RS, but the ST170 is still entertaining. As with the standard car, there’s poise and agility, while lowered and stiffened suspension results in reduced roll and even more body control. Larger brake discs also ensure improved stopping power.

Is the ST170 engine a Zetec?

The Focus RS and ST170 (SVT) are both Zetec-R engines, despite being branded Duratec.

What engine is in a focus ST170?


Engine Size 1989cc
Valves 16
Fuel Type Petrol
Transmission Manual
Gearbox 6 Speed

Does the Ford Focus ST170 have a turbo?

Well, actually, you flare-arched, one-colour-only show off, there’s an option for people who don’t want to spend £10,000 on a 10yr-old Ford. It’s an option that carries no RS badge, its engine sports no turbo and its gearbox contains no Quaife differential.

How many focus ST170 are left?

2021 2019
FORD FOCUS ST170 2.9k 3.9k

How do I know what Zetec engine I have?

Engine Identification The Phase 1 and 2 engines can be identified from a three digit code on the block near the engine number. This is usually stamped onto the edge of the bell housing mounting flange on the exhaust side near the crank position sensor.

Is a Ford Focus a classic car?

Ford Focus rarity A hallmark of classic, and future classic cars. Admittedly, the Focus was such a brilliant car, people couldn’t stop buying them. The Focus entered the list of bestselling cars of 1998 and didn’t dip out until recently.

Is the Ford Focus ST170 a good car?

Even with its perky turbomotor, the current XR5 feels a bit the same, so maybe it’s just a genetic thing blighting all performance Fords. With all that in mind, the ST170 can be shunted along a quiet road with a fair degree of accuracy and comfort.

How much power does a Ford Focus have?

This little lot raised power to 171bhp (unlike modern use of numerics for power figures, ST170 is more of a guide than a PS figure), with 144lb ft of torque. Ford opted for a six-speed Getrag manual gearbox, which sent power to the front wheels like every other Focus.

What was the first year of the Ford Focus?

Even so, the first hot Focus packed an excellent chassis and handsome styling, and slotted neatly into the space left by the short-lived Ford Racing Puma and alongside the concurrently-launched Mondeo ST220 – the early 2000s was a great time to be a fan of understated but otherwise excellent fast Fords.

Is the ST170 Rs a good car to buy?

The fluid chassis was another story, with great damping and plenty of feedback through the steering, while the subtle cabin turned out to make the RS’s violent combination of blue and black look a little try-hard. Available with three or five doors or more rarely as an estate, picking up even a good ST170 requires very little cash these days.