Is Strattera OK for kids?

Is Strattera OK for kids?

“Strattera is better for children with ADHD plus anxiety symptoms and for adolescents who have problems with substance abuse or addiction because they are not as potentially addictive as stimulants.”

How well does Strattera work for ADHD?

While not as effective as stimulants, they can still be effective for ADHD symptoms. Research has shown that compared to a placebo, Strattera reduced hyperactive, inattentive symptoms in adults. However, 40% of the research participants still reported significant ADHD symptoms.

Can Strattera make ADHD worse?

Effectiveness. Some research has found that Strattera doesn’t have as strong an effect on ADHD symptoms as ADHD stimulant medications. Therefore, Strattera is recommended instead of stimulants for children and adolescents only when stimulants cause too many side effects or aren’t effective.

How do you take Strattera for kids?

Do not chew, crush, or open the capsules. Swallow Strattera capsules whole with water or other liquids. Tell your doctor if you or your child cannot swallow Strattera whole. A different medicine may need to be prescribed.

Does Strattera work immediately?

It begins to work quickly after you take it, but your dose may need to be adjusted after a minimum of 3 days of use for a period of 2 to 4 weeks to reach a total daily dose of 1.4 milligrams per kilogram of body weight (mg/kg), or up to a maximum daily total of 100 mg — whichever is less.

Can you give Strattera at night?

A common complaint about Strattera is that it causes sedation, but Biederman says daytime sleepiness can usually be avoided by giving the drug at night.

What happens if you skip a day of Strattera?

STRATTERA is usually taken once or twice a day. Take STRATTERA at the same time each day to help you remember. If you miss a dose of STRATTERA, take it as soon as you remember that day. If you miss a day of STRATTERA, do not double your dose the next day.

Can kids take Strattera at night?

What is a good substitute for Strattera?

Some of these Strattera alternatives include: Lifestyle changes, including therapy. Stimulant ADHD medications. Other non-stimulant ADHD medications.

How does Strattera treat ADHD?

Strattera, a medication that is prescribed to relieve the symptoms of ADHD, works by increasing levels of norepinephrine in the brain. This in turn allows a child with ADHD to better manage their tendencies toward impulsive behavior, hyperactivity, and lack of focus.

Does Strattera work with ADHD?

Strattera works on the neurotransmitter (chemical in the brain that transmits nerve impulses) called norepinephrine. Like the stimulant drugs, Strattera is effective in treating and controlling ADHD symptoms.

What is the starting dose for Strattera?

For adults (and children or teens weighing more than 154 pounds), Strattera should be started at 40 mg once daily (or 20 mg twice daily). After at least three days, your healthcare provider can increase your Strattera dose to 80 mg once daily (or 40 mg twice daily).