Is KTM Duke expensive to maintain?

Is KTM Duke expensive to maintain?

Originally Answered: Is a KTM Duke 390 expensive to maintain for a middle class person? Well, to answer your question- Yes it is expensive to maintain. But it is a lot better than any other premium brands out there.

Does KTM provide free service?

KTM Probiking showrooms nationwide will pass on the benefits of extension of free service and warranty to all its customers, Bajaj Auto said in a statement.

Is KTM maintenance expensive?

The cost of maintenance – $1,858.98 for the BMW and $1,641.95 for the KTM – highlights the immutable fact that ownership cost of these machines does not come cheap….R1200GS and 1190 Adventure buyers have more to consider than just MSRP.

2014 BMW R1200GS 2014 KTM 1190 Adventure R
Maintenance Costs $1,858.98 $1,641.95

Why is KTM expensive?

KTM motorcycles operate at a very high engine rpm that translates into more heat, which in turn means a lot more wear and tear. The same makes servicing these bikes expensive, thus increasing the cost of ownership over time.

Are KTM Duke 390 reliable?

The Duke 390 is on my radar for a possible light, competent, and fairly high tech small fun bike. I mentioned the Duke 390 on a TX motorcycle forum, and got a very mixed review on reliability.

Is KTM Duke high maintenance?

KTM duke is a monstrous bike packed with a lot of power sometimes making it difficult to drive on traffic roads. The bike yields a mileage of 25kms which should be kept in mind before opting for the bike. The low mileage and high maintenance cost make the bike not affordable for middle class families.

Is KTM high maintenance?

It’s higher than the Hornet and the Gixxer. But the service intervals are large. This might compensate for the price of maintenance. But KTM is a high maintenance bike compared to the others.

Are KTM Motorcycles high maintenance?

so what you guys are saying is, KTMs are really no more maintenance than any other, and when you stay on top of the maintenance they’re every bit as reliable. The main difference being part cost and availability.

Is Duke 200 worth buying?

Ride quality & handling the ride quality is much better compared to pulsar 200 ns. Though the lower gear vibrations is sokmething that they can imporve. The bike handles quite well and the turning is fine. Final words overall the ktm duke 200 is a very nice bike and a must buy.

How much does a KTM 200 Duke cost?

Base Price: 3,999.00 USD* * MSRP: $ 3,999 plus $ 300 freight Thanks to an ultra-compact single-cylinder 4-stroke power plant and a lightweight tubular chassis, the KTM 200 DUKE packs a mighty punch. An updated predatory design proudly displays its BEAST-inspired DNA and shouts DUKE.

What is the maximum service cost-Duke 200?

Duke 200 Maintenance Q. What is the maximum service cost – Duke 200? 3.9K Views Add Answer 44 Answers Harsh | 1 year ago Depends how you ride it.If you ride rash or traffic commute it’ll give you 25kmpl.If you ride smooth at constant speed between 60-80 kmph it is capable to give you above 35 kmpl

How often does a KTM bike need to be serviced?

But interesting thing to note is that KTM bikes have to be serviced only after 7000km , while other bikes have to be serviced once every 2500 to 3000km. So if you do the math, service cost of KTM bikes will be same as that of other bikes.

What kind of fuel do I need for my KTM?

The recommended fuel is specified in the Owner’s Manual. This must meet the requirements of the EN 228 standard or equivalent, and must show the corresponding octane number (ROZ…). Do not use fuel made from methanol (e.g. M15, M85, M100) or with a proportion of more than 10 % ethanol (e.g. E15, E25, E85, E100).