Is Chevrolet spare parts available in India?

Is Chevrolet spare parts available in India?

Are Chevrolet spare parts available in India? Yes! Original spare parts for your Chevrolet are available in India.

WHO is providing Chevrolet service in India?

We are continuing to provide service to our domestic Chevrolet customers through a network of Chevrolet Authorized Service Operations (ASO). The ASOs have staff trained to take care of all the service needs of Chevrolet vehicles for maintenance and repair.

Is GM returning to India?

Well, things are about to change for the better, as our inside sources have told us that GM is planning to make a comeback to the Indian market by resurrecting the Chevrolet brand. By just bringing a CBU unit to the country, GM will not have to re-invest in setting up manufacturing or assembly plants in India.

How long does a manufacturer have to supply spare parts in India?

Customers facing service problems and spare parts shortages for their cars could soon be protected by law. Automobile manufacturers may have to provide maintenance and spare parts for vehicles for five years after they withdraw the model or shut shop. A new car model is launched in India every month.

Is Fiat going to close in India?

FCA India stopped making Fiat cars at its Ranjangaon plant in India in 2019. “For our Fiat customers, we have the entire service system here to make sure that every single spare part that they need will be available for the next decade,” Datta said.

Can I buy Chevrolet Camaro in India?

The Chevrolet Camaro is one of those muscle cars which appeals to guys and gals alike. The muscle car will be made available in India by this year. It will of course come for a price as it will be a CBU and the cost could be around Rs. 18 lakh.

Is Fiat coming back to India?

“Fiat as a brand has not gone out of the Indian market. The company is also working on bringing in smaller Jeep SUVs at the affordable end of the market. FCA India stopped making Fiat cars at its Ranjangaon plant in India in 2019.

How long must a manufacturer supply replacement parts?

Under California’s Lemon Law, manufacturers of most household electronic goods that sell for more than $100 have to provide spare parts for up to seven years, regardless of warranty status.

How long do car manufacturers have to provide?

The car companies, they gotta make the parts available for 10 years, or maybe it’s six years. Either way, it’s the law.” Except, as it appears, it’s not. Or, at least, it’s not a law in the United States, nor is it formally codified as a regulation.

How to get support for Chevrolet in India?

Chevrolet India will continue to provide support & service for its vehicles. Please call 1800-208-8080 for service enquiries reach out to your nearest Authorized Service Operation for your vehicles service. Questions about your Chevrolet?

Where can I get roadside assistance for my Chevy?

Whether your Chevrolet vehicle is under warranty or not, Roadside Assistance† is just a phone call or button-push away. With specially trained Advisors available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, you can request service to help you get back on the road.

How to get free roadside assistance in India?

Starting 1st January 2014, the Roadside Assistance Program is free for 3 years from the date of invoice of the vehicle. In the event of a breakdown or accident, Chevrolet owners can call 1800-103-8090 (toll-free) or 0124-4388090 for free roadside assistance round the clock throughout the country (except Andaman and Nicobar Islands).

What kind of services do I get with a Chevrolet?

Model year 2018 and newer vehicles include: 1 month of OnStar Safety & Security Plan and 1 month of Chevrolet Connected Services which include navigation services, Remote Access Plan and 1 month or 3 gigabytes of 4G LTE data (whichever comes first) from vehicle delivery date. Services are subject to user terms and limitations.