Is bebe a good brand of glasses?

Is bebe a good brand of glasses?

Bebe eyewear brings those same qualities to optical frames and sunglasses. At once flirty and self-assured, bebe frames are some of our best-selling items. Having carved out a distinctive spot in the world of fashion and style, bebe eyewear is a strong choice for any woman.

Who makes bebe eyewear?

Altair Eyewear, Inc.
RANCHO CORDOVA, Calif. and NEW YORK, March 1, 2018 – Altair Eyewear, Inc., a division of Marchon Eyewear, Inc., and the bebe® brand “bebe,” which designs a unique and distinctive line of contemporary women’s apparel and accessories, today announced a multi-year renewal of their global eyewear licensing agreement.

Can blondes wear tortoise shell glasses?

What colour glasses look best on blondes? If you’ve got warm blonde hair with honey or bronze tones, then tortoiseshell and warm coloured frames such as amber, red, pink, dark green and gold will compliment your hair colour.

Are tortoise shell glasses for guys?

Can men also wear Tortoise Shell glasses? You bet! Tortoise shell glasses suit anybody, both women and men. While some frames may have a more masculine or feminine vibe, many tortoise shell frames are totally unisex.

Who makes Altair?

As a division of Marchon, Altair delivers the quality you expect with original trend-setting frame designs crafted from the finest materials including titanium, handmade acetate and German engineered components.

Where are Altair glasses made?

Altair glasses are meticulously created by the finest factories across Asia and Europe. The company is headquartered in Rancho Cordova, CA and is privately owned.

What is the meaning of Altair?

Altair in history and myth The name Altair is Arabic in origin and has the same meaning as the name of the constellation Aquila in Latin; that is, they both mean simply “eagle.” In classical mythology Aquila, and by extension Altair as well, was an eagle favored by Zeus.

What are the latest styles in ladies eyeglasses?

Eyewear Trends: Most Popular Styles & Shapes

  • Fashion Cat Eye Glasses.
  • Stylish Clear Eyeglasses.
  • Oversized Glasses Chains.
  • Thick Rimmed Geometric Glasses Frames.
  • Bright and Translucent Nude Glasses.
  • Vintage, Large Round Glasses.
  • Trendy Tortoiseshell Glasses in Current Styles.
  • 70s Oversized Square Glasses.

Who is the founder of Bebe eyewear?

Founded in 1976 by designer Manny Mashouf, bebe has earned a reputation for bold and sexy designs in clothing and accessories. Bebe eyewear brings those same qualities to optical frames and sunglasses. Show more At once flirty and self-assured, bebe frames are some of our best-selling items.

What kind of glasses do Bebe frames make?

bebe offers distinctive, high-quality designs in an expansive range of fits and sizes. Embracing all attitudes and personalities bebe interprets them into three iconic, collections: 1. embraces delicate designs, endearing prints, and ethereal color. 2. takes center stage with animal prints and edgy metal details. 3.

Do you need insurance to buy Bebe glasses?

It’s easy to stay outfitted in the most stylish bebe frames when you shop Eyeconic. Here are four good reasons to buy your next pair of bebe glasses or shades from us: We accept VSP, MetLife, and Cigna vision insurance for prescription eyewear. That means you can save big at checkout. Shop 100+ bebe frames in stock.