How much does a Canadair CL-415 cost?

How much does a Canadair CL-415 cost?

Narrator: The CL-415 Enhanced Aerial Firefighter can scoop and drop 1,400 gallons of water on wildfires in a matter of minutes. Compare that to this 1970s plane, which could only drop 200 gallons of water at a time. Sheehy: $30 million is very expensive for any aircraft.

Can a CL-415 land on water?

Introducing the Canadair CL-415 This aircraft offers operators the ability to access sites in remote locations, use unprepared runways, facilitate on-land or on-water interventions, and perform short takeoff and landings (STOL capabilities).

How does CL-415 pick up water?

The advanced Bombardier 415 aircraft scoops water from sites that are only two metres (6.5 ft) deep and 90 metres (300 ft) wide. When the water site is too small for a full pick-up, the Bombardier 415 takes a partial load and returns to the fire. The Bombardier 415 amphibian doesn’t need a straight scooping path.

How does a Canadair work?

Water scoop time The Bombardier Canadair 415 amphibious aircraft. The Canadair 415 is known in the firefighting service as the Superscooper. The water tanks are filled in flight while skimming over the water surface via two hydraulically operated scoops. The water tanks can be filled in 12s by the scoops.

How much does a CL 515 cost?

Spending billions of dollars on developing an all new aircraft is not our business model. Setting up the production line alone for the CL-515 is roughly a $300-$400 million expense.”

How does a CL-415 work?

The CL-415 can scoop up to 6,140 l (1,350 imp gal; 1,620 US gal) of water from a nearby water source, mix it with a chemical foam if desired, and drop it on a fire without having to return to base to refill its tanks.

How much water does a water helicopter hold?

They can typically carry 700 gallons of water or retardant via a bucket or a snorkel that fills an internal tank. These helicopters can strategically drop thousands of gallons of water or retardant with pinpoint accuracy, while working closely with ground personnel and other firefighting aircraft.

Who owns Viking aircraft?

Longview Aviation is owned by Sherry Brydson, granddaughter of deceased newspaper magnate Roy Thomson and cousin of David Thomson, the largest family fortune in Canada….Viking Air.

Type Corporation
Headquarters North Saanich, British Columbia , Canada
Key people David Curtis (President and CEO)

How much does a cl415 cost?

Viking era Its unit cost in 2014 was C$36.9 million. On 20 June 2016, it was announced that Viking Air was in the process of purchasing the CL-415 type certificate from Bombardier, along with the older CL-215 and CL-215T models. The acquisition was finalised on 3 October 2016.

How much water does a water plane hold?

After the aircraft were retired from the Navy, they were transformed into firefighting aerial tankers. The aircraft can carry 7,200 gallons of water or retardant and their drop can cover an area of up to 4 acres.

How do helicopters pick up water?

Large, heavy-lift helicopters can fill their water tanks with a snorkel that siphons water from lakes, rivers, or other sources. Smaller helicopters carry water in buckets that hold between 100-400 gallons of water. Each bucket has a release valve on the bottom controlled by the helicopter crew.

Is the Canadair CL-415 a water bomber?

The Canadair CL-415, also known as the Bombardier 415, is a Canadian amphibious aircraft purpose-built as a water bomber. It was designed and built specifically for aerial firefighting. On June 20, 2016, the CL-415 type certificate was purchased from Bombardier by Viking Air. [2]

What’s the difference between Canadair CL-215 and 415?

Compared to the CL-215, the CL-415 has increased operating weight and speed, yielding improved productivity and performance. The 415 can scoop up to 6,140 l (1,350 imp gal; 1,620 US gal) of water from a nearby water source, mix it with a chemical foam if desired, and drop it on a fire without having to return to base to refill its tanks.

When did the Canadair CL-415 go out of service?

By 1999, a total of 51 orders had been secured for the type; operators have reportedly predominantly used the CL-415 for firefighting and maritime search and rescue purposes. Of the 95 built, seven had reportedly been removed from service as a result of several accidents by December 2007.

What kind of aircraft is the Viking CL-415?

The CL-415 was developed from the piston-powered CL-215 Series 5 aircraft in combination with the advances from the “T” conversion program.