How much did a M16 cost during the Vietnam War?

How much did a M16 cost during the Vietnam War?

Comparison of the AK-47 and M16

M16 (top) and AK-47 (bottom) assault rifles
Firearm AK-47
Designer Mikhail Kalashnikov
Numbers made ~100 million AK-47 type rifles
Government price (USD), as of 2011 $150 to $160 per unit for a new AK-103

Can I legally own a M16?

You can own an M16 as a civilian depending on your state laws, however, since there are only so many of them available (none available for civilians after 1986), the price is high. Prices have doubled in the past 10 years or so, which is currently a lot better return than the stock market.

How much does an M16 sell for?

How Much Does an M16 Cost? The cost of the M16 will really depend on which maker you choose. Most versions will fall somewhere between $800 and $1400 based on the features and who makes the gun to start with.

Was the M16 a good rifle in Vietnam?

According to a 1968 Department of Army report, the M16A1 rifle achieved widespread acceptance by U.S. troops in Vietnam. “Most men armed with the M16 in Vietnam rated this rifle’s performance high, however, many men entertained some misgivings about the M16’s reliability.

How much does one AK-47 bullet cost?

In general, the price per round is near – but slightly lower than – the cost for a 5.56 round. However, prices for 7.62×39 ammo are not as volatile as they can be for other rounds due to its worldwide popularity. Costs tend to start around $0.30 per round depending on supply.

Can you buy an M16 in America?

While federal law requires gun buyers to be 21 to purchase a handgun, in many states anyone 18 or older can buy rifles. This includes the AR-15, a semi-automatic version of the military’s M16 that was also used in recent mass shootings in Newtown, Connecticut; Aurora, Colorado; and San Bernardino, California.

Which is better ak47 or M16?

The M16 is much more accurate weapon than the AK-47. It is much smoother-operating weapon and has less recoil. The M16 is much easier to control during full-auto fire.

Which is better AK-47 or M16?

Is an AK-47 more powerful than a AR 15?

Even hardcore AR fans will admit that the AK’s 7.62Ă—39 round is more powerful than the AR-15’s 5.56/. 223. No debate here, the bigger round just packs more punch. However, there might be a simple way to compensate for that difference in firepower—by loading your AR with hollow point rounds.

How much ammo did a soldier carry in Vietnam?

During the Vietnam War, Soldiers were issued a semiautomatic rifle with automatic capability and up to 20 magazines of 20 rounds each along with fragmentation and colored smoke grenades. Body armor was a newer feature, adding weight as well as protection.