How many trails does Bolton Valley have?

How many trails does Bolton Valley have?

Bolton Valley Resort/Number of trails

At Bolton Valley we offer 71 Alpine trails for skiing and riding, as well as 100km of Nordic terrain that includes an extensive array of backcountry trails. The maps below should give you a better feel for our layout as you plan your next winter adventure.

Is Bolton Valley good for beginners?

With the exception of Wilderness Peak, beginners can ski the entire ski resort. Slopes ranging from easy to very easy lead down to the base.

What mountain is Bolton Valley on?

Green Mountains
Bolton Valley sits high in the Green Mountains of Vermont and boasts the highest base elevation of any ski area in the state.

What is Nordic terrain?

Nordic skiing touring as any style of skiing that goes off-trail or off-piste in undulating valleys and less steep mountains, what they would call ‘Nordic terrain’.

How long does it take to hike Bolton Valley?

about 45-60 minutes
This hike is about 45-60 minutes each way.

How tall is Bolton Valley?

3,150 feet

Bolton Valley
Nearest major city Burlington, Vermont, US (21 miles)
Coordinates 44.419621°N 72.849998°W
Vertical 1,625 feet (495 m)
Top elevation 3,150 feet (960 m)

Is there night skiing in Vermont?

Ride off into the sunset at Vermont’s only ski resort with night skiing and riding, typically offered 5 nights a week at Bolton Valley.

Why is it called Nordic skiing?

It’s called cross-country, or Nordic, skiing — and it’s actually the original and oldest form of the sport. Nordic skiing began in (you guessed it) Norway, where it developed out of necessity. Norwegians used it as a way to travel over snow-covered land for hunting, wood gathering, and social purposes.

What’s the difference between Nordic and alpine skiing?

Nordic skiing encompasses the various types of skiing in which the toe of the ski boot is fixed to the binding in a manner that allows the heel to rise off the ski, unlike alpine skiing, where the boot is attached to the ski from toe to heel.

How long is Stowe Pinnacle hike?

Trailhead Location: Upper Hollow Rd, Stowe, VT 05672 (3.6 mile hike round-trip) or Pinnacle Heights Rd, Stowe, VT 05672 (2.6 mile hike round trip). From the historic village, take School Street for 0.3 miles.

How many trails does Burke Mountain have?

Burke Mountain/Number of trails

How many trails does Cannon Mountain have?

Cannon Mountain Ski Resort/Number of trails

Is the Bolton Valley Nordic Center still open?

As of the 2020-21 Winter Season, Bolton Valley no longer participates in the reciprocal nordic program. The Backcountry and Nordic Center is the gateway to our cross country and backcountry terrain.

Where is Bolton Valley in Vermont to ski?

Bolton Valley sits high in the Green Mountains of Vermont. It is a unique, high mountain alpine village surrounded by over 5,000 pristine acres. At Bolton Valley the recreational opportunities are as numerous as the views are spectacular.

How big is the Nordic trail in Bolton?

Bolton’s 100-kilometer Nordic trail system offers terrain for skiers and snowshoe enthusiasts of all levels, with 15 kilometers of groomed trails.

What to do in Bolton Valley in winter?

At Bolton Valley the recreational opportunities are as numerous as the views are spectacular. Whether your interest during the winter is skiing or snowboarding, telemark or Nordic, backcountry or night skiing or just a relaxing snowshoe in the woods, Bolton Valley has it all in abundance.