How many recipes do you get in Harvest Moon back to nature?

How many recipes do you get in Harvest Moon back to nature?

Once you buy the first house upgrade in Harvest Moon: Back to Nature you can use your new kitchen to cook up various recipes. For every 8 different recipes you cook you’ll get 1% added to your farm percentage and there are a total of 64 recipes in the game.

What to do with harvest basket in back to nature?

Bring the Harvest Basket with you to the mine. Set it down and start mining. You should be able to deposit ore into the Harvest Basket. The basket can get full after a while. Empty it out by facing a bin and pressing Square. When you are tired, just heal at the Hot Spring Pool. This also works well in winter.

What’s the best way to sleep on Harvest Moon?

You can stay up super late, jump in the Hot Springs for about an hour at around 4:00 am, run back to your farm and be in bed before 6:00 am. This will have a better effect on your stamina and fatigue than going to sleep at 6:00 pm and you’ll be able to get a ton more work done each day.

Can a hothouse be destroyed in Harvest Moon?

The bottle is useless but the Perfume makes a fantastic gift for the girls. In Harvest Moon: Back to Nature there are also several rumors and cheats floating around that it turns out are not true. Once you buy the hothouse during the summer or winter when there is a Hurricane or Blizzard there is a chance that your hothouse can be destroyed.

Who is Ann in Harvest Moon back to nature?

Ann is the daughter of the Inn keeper. She likes to cook and helps her father after the passing of her mother.

Who is Doug from Harvest Moon back to nature?

Doug is a villager in Harvest Moon: Back to Nature. He runs the Inn and lives there with his daughter Ann. His wife has long since died and tries his best to raise Ann on his own. He worries about her tomboy nature and hopes that she will one day get married.

When do you get chocolate in Harvest Moon?

The only small stones (needed for a baked potato) in the game are the ones in your field. Therefore, if you destroy all of them, you cannot make this recipe. You also need chocolate for a few recipes. You can be given this by girls who like you during the Winter Harvest festival, which takes place on the 14th of Winter.