How many bullets do you need for OPR?

How many bullets do you need for OPR?

How many bullets do you get on an OPR? The answer is 14 (not 10)… 4 duty description, 6 rater, and 4 additional rater bullets.

How do you write OPR on Air Force ammo?


  1. Three Parts Of A Good Performance Report Bullet 6.
  2. Use Impact-Oriented, Action Words Or Phrases.
  3. Use SINGLE Bullets–NO Wraparounds.
  4. Avoid Fluffy, Feel-Good Phrases And Prose.
  5. Define ALL Acronyms And Abbreviations First Before Using Them.
  6. White Space Is Not Good.

What is an OPR in the Air Force?

EPRs and OPRs are documents that follow each Airman throughout his or her career and will make or break him. So, as Air Force leaders and supervisors our most important task is to learn how to give a good feedback and write a quality performance report.

Where do most Air Force nurses get stationed?

More than 1,700 Air Force medical personnel are deployed to 19 countries of the 60,000 currently serving. A nurse could be serving at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio or Aviano Air Base in Italy, providing care to military airman and their families.

How many bullets does a 1206 take?

The package requires 21 bullets because the wing-level winner is submitted to compete AETC wide. The scoring system is based on a 10-point scale, and is divided into a six-two-two rating system.

What is in an Air Force ROP?

The MLR uses a Duty Qualification History Brief and Record of Performance (ROP), which consist of OPRs, OERs, Education/Training Reports, and Narrative-Only PRF, to determine a promotion recommendation and to complete the Recommendation-Only PRF.

What does OPR mean?

01 June 2021 • 5 mins read. The Overnight Policy Rate (OPR) is an overnight interest rate that applies to money lent between financial institutions. It’s time to explore why that’s so important, recent changes, and what that means for your home loan interest rates.

What is a CGO in the Air Force?

CGO = Company Grade Officer (2nd Lt, 1st Lt, Capt – O1-O3) FGO = Field Grade Officer (Maj, Lt Col, Col – O4-O6) COL = Colonel (O6) GO = General Officer.

Which branch of military is best for nurses?

Air Force Nursing Like the Army and Navy, the Air Force also provides attractive incentive to join the Nursing corps. Working RNs and student nurses benefit most from scholarships and student loan repayment plans.

How did AFSC 46x clinical nurse OPR bullet statement?

– Rapidly mastered electronic charting system; directly contributed to unit’s overall increased charting efficiency – Global thinker; Collaborated with multiple forces to incorporate technology into training. Lauded by Commander. – Transformed singular skill training stations into efficient scenarios; 500 mbrs in 4 units accomplished 85% RSVs.

What should be included in an Air Force OPR?

OPR/EPR writing methods proven competitive in today’s Air Force environment. A well-written Officer Performance Report (OPR) or Enlisted Performance Report (EPR) is composed of a number of critical parts, and should paint a quantitative and qualitative picture

How to use MOS 66 nurse officer corps OER bullets?

Back to NCOER Bullets by MOS Nursing Award Examples Thanks for your contributions! HELP! We need more examples. If you got ’em, they can be shared by using the form below. Thanks! MOS 66 Nurse Officer Corps OER Examples Click on the appropriate link below or scroll down for general, non-specific medical bullets.

How to prepare OPR bullets for the rater overall assessment?

Finally, prepare hard-hitting OPR bullets for the Rater Overall Assessment (NOT: “Continues to take up valuable space on the planet by consuming food air and water.”) So here are some examples, please feel free to send in your favorites and I will add them to the list: