How long does it take to hike ulriken?

How long does it take to hike ulriken?

The walk to Ulriken is suitable for all ages and takes about 1.5 hours from Montana.

How to climb Ulriken?

Ulriken is the highest mountain in Bergen. The easiest way to get to the top is by the Ulriken cable car, but it is also possible for the whole family to come up on foot. Begin the hike from Ulriken cable car station or Montana. Here you can really challenge yourself to the city’s highest peak.

Does Bergen have mountains?

However the general consenus, (and correct answer on a quiz) is that the seven official mountains of Bergen are: Ulriken 643 m (2110 ft), Fløyfjellet 400 m (1300 ft), Rundemanen 568 m (1684 ft), Sandviksfjellet 417 m (1368ft), Damsgårdfjellet 317 m (1040 ft), Lyderhorn 396 m (1299 ft) and Løvstakken 477 m (1565 ft).

How high is Mount floyen?

1,312′Fløyen / Elevation
Fløyen or Fløyfjellet is one of the “city mountains” in Bergen, Hordaland, Norway. Its highest point is 400 m (1,300 ft) above sea level.

How far are the fjords from Bergen?


Distance Approx. 480 kilometres
Drive time 8 hours
Ferries 2
Tolls Yes
Special conditions The detour road to Turtagrø and the route via Tindevegen is closed during the winter, and sometimes into spring. The Vikafjell is closed during winter when the weather is bad.

How many ranges are there in India?

India is home to seven major mountain ranges that have peaks of over 1000 metres. The most famous and the highest mountain range of India is the Himalayan range. It is also the youngest and the longest mountain range in India and has almost every largest peak of the world.

Can you walk up Mount floyen?

Mount Fløyen has many nice hiking opportunities and is a perfect starting point for a wonderful walk in the city mountains. Many of our hiking trails are easily accessible by pram. The trip around lake Skomakerdiket is also suitable for wheelchairs.

What does the Bergen card cover?

With the Bergen Card in your pocket, you travel free on Light Rail and buses in Bergen and the region (not with VY trains). You get free or discounted admission to museums and attractions, as well as many cultural events, various sightseeing tours, restaurants and parking.

Can I see fjords from Bergen?

Bergen is surrounded by one of the world’s most spectacular tourist attractions – The Norwegian Fjords, which have now been included on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. These fjords are deep and narrow, surrounded by high, steep mountains with snow-covered tops and both small and huge waterfalls.

How do I get from Bergen to fjords?

From Bergen Driving takes around an hour to reach this fjord. You can go by bus, though this option requires around four and a half hours with two bus rides and a ferry crossing. If you prefer visiting the longest and deepest fjord in Norway, you’ll want to see the Sognefjord.

Is Mount Ulriken close to Bergen?

A Few Tips About Mount Ulriken. Mount Ulriken is the tallest of seven mountains that surround Bergin. At the height of 643m/2109 feet, it does present commanding views of the entire city of Bergen. Not as close or as convenient to get to as Mount Floyen is to the Bergen Harbor….

What is the tallest mountain in Bergen?

Mount Ulriken is the tallest of seven mountains that surround Bergin. At the height of 643m/2109 feet, it does present commanding views of the entire city of Bergen.

What are the best hiking tours in Bergen?

Hiking up Mount Ulriken is one of the most popular tours in Bergen. There are several different routes to the top of Ulriken, here is a couple of the most popular: Take bus No. 12 from the city center to Montana. Follow the signs to Montana Hostel.

How long does it take to hike the Ulriken mountains?

Mount Ulriken is also a good starting point for hikes. A popular, but long and quite hard hike, is to Mount Floyen and it takes approx. 5 hours to walk. Mount Ulriken is higher than Mount Floyen, but it is a lot of “ups and downs” between these two mountains.