How is fear shown in the crucible?

How is fear shown in the crucible?

In “ The Crucible “ by Arthur Miller revenge is shown through characters, fear is shown through plot , and hysteria is shown through theme. Fear is shown through plot by the lie that has gone too far and is ruining people’s lives on telling the truth.

What are the most important quotes in The Crucible?

The Crucible Quotes

  • “Because it is my name!
  • “Here is all the invisible world, caught, defined, and calculated.
  • “Oh, Elizabeth, your justice would freeze beer!”
  • “Until an hour before the Devil fell, God thought him beautiful in Heaven.”
  • “I can.
  • “I do not judge you.
  • “He have his goodness now.

What page is this quote on in the crucible?

The line “because it is my name” is the most memorable line said by John Proctor in the ‘The Crucible’. – John Proctor, Act two, page 55. The above quote was spoken by John Proctor as he wanted his wife Elizabeth to forgive him after he made his confessions about witchcraft. 22.

What does Hathorne fear in the crucible?

Numerous people were falsely accused and prosecuted, and an atmosphere of fear spread. Miller saw parallels between this fear of communists and the fear of witches in Salem. In this context, Hathorne and Danforth come to represent the narrow and misinformed ‘pursuit of justice’ in both time periods.

What is Tituba afraid of?

Despite her obvious fear of Rev. Parris and other town leaders, Tituba does not let that fear interfere with her sense of motherhood which she demonstrates toward little Betty Parris. When Tituba is whipped and threatened into confessing to witchcraft, she demonstrates the complete demoralization of a human.

What does Betty fear in The Crucible?

Betty as an Archetype Betty demonstrates a universal human capacity: the state of fear. She fears facing her troubles alone. She fears punishment and ostracism within her community. All her fears lead her to accuse others of false transgressions.

How old is Abigail Williams?

17 years (1680–1697)
Abigail Williams/Age at death

Were they born this morning as clean as God’s fingers meaning?

Were they born this morning as clean as God’s fingers? I’ll tell you what’s walking Salem – vengeance is walking Salem. John Proctor, end of Act Two. Miller is suggesting that the hysteria is no longer about witchcraft and that the people of Salem are out for revenge against each other.

How does Abigail build hysteria at the end of Act 3?

Examples of mass hysteria, fear, and guilt in act 3 of The Crucible include the response Abigail gets when she points to an imaginary yellow bird. The girls whimper and the men become frightened in an example of mass hysteria and fear.

Is fear a harmful emotion The Crucible?

Fear is a bad thing. It makes people act irrationally because they are too afraid to do what is right. In the beginning, Abigail is afraid of what Parris will do to her and the other girls, so in fear she blames what they did in the forest that day on witchcraft.

What was the role of fear in the Crucible?

“MARY WARREN, her sobs beginning. He wakes me every night, his eyes were like coals and his fingers claw my neck, and I sign, I sign…” (110) In The Crucible, the element of fear caused the people of Salem to act irrationally and the play represents how far people will go to protect themselves and those that they love. “PROCTOR.

Why are there so many quotes in the Crucible?

Quotes in ‘The Crucible’ are based on various themes, but three of the main themes of the book are love, fear and witchcraft. There are so many important quotes in ‘The Crucible’ on these topics. Some of the quote are ‘The Crucible’ quotes about fear, accusation quotes, and different character quotes from ‘The Crucible’.

When does Parris lose his fear in the Crucible?

As the play progresses Parris” state of mind continues to decline. An example is when in Act 3 when Mr Parris is “hardly able to contain his fear” as he is trying to get his point across to avoid being made out as a fool by Danforth who hold greater authority over Parris because he is deputy governor of the state.

What was the theme of the Crucible play?

Theme of Fear & Mass Hysteria An important theme is that of fear and mass hysteria which leads to extreme acts in the play as the human inclination to ascribe blame for pain and suffering to others and then destroy the supposedly guilty party surfaces.