How do you use tardy in a sentence?

How do you use tardy in a sentence?

after the expected or usual time; delayed.

  1. Too swift arrives as tardy as too slow.
  2. Two of the pupiles were tardy this morning.
  3. The boss is unsatisfied with the tardy tempo.
  4. Do please forgive this tardy reply.
  5. It’s impolite to make a tardy appearance.
  6. He’s been tardy three times this semester.

What does tardy mean?

English Language Learners Definition of tardy : slow in moving, acting, or happening. : done or happening late. : arriving or doing something late.

Is it tardy or late?

Make sure that you are using tardy as a noun, because this is rare; tardy is almost always used as an adjective meaning “late.” And as an adjective, tardy has no plural form, because adjectives in English stay the same regardless of whether the noun they modify is singular or plural.

What does the word tardiness meaning in a sentence?

Tardiness is the quality of being late. When people don’t show up on time, they’re guilty of tardiness. Tardiness is very annoying for the people waiting for the tardy person, and too much tardiness at work could get you fired. Tardiness comes from the Latin word tardus, “slow, sluggish, dull, or stupid.”

What is a tardy response?

1Delaying or delayed beyond the right or expected time; late. ‘please forgive this tardy reply’

What is a tardy in school?

When you’re tardy, you’re late. If you’ve ever been late for school, you know about tardy, and you may have a stash of notes your teacher has sent home to your parents, informing them of your tardiness.

Is tardy worse than late?

As adjectives the difference between tardy and late is that tardy is late; overdue or delayed while late is near the end of a period of time.

What’s the difference between lateness and tardiness?

As nouns the difference between lateness and tardiness is that lateness is the property of being late while tardiness is (uncountable) the state or quality of being tardy.

What do you reply when someone says sorry?

Try saying: “Thank you, I needed to hear this apology. I really am hurt.” Or, “I appreciate your apology. I need time to think about it, and I need to see a change in your actions before I can move forward with you.” Don’t attack the transgressor, as hard as it may be to hold back in the moment.

Why is it called a tardy?

As a reality TV star once crooned, “Don’t be tardy for the party.” The word comes from the Latin tardus, meaning “slow.”

Does a tardy count as an absence?

Late Arrival Being tardy means coming late to school after the school day officially starts. Schools have different definitions and policies for tardiness. But, all schools count multiple late arrivals toward an unexcused absence.