How do you use scout as a verb?

How do you use scout as a verb?

  1. to search or examine a place, area, or situation to get information about it. Wes sent him to scout the area. scout around for something:
  2. to look for someone who has a lot of ability, especially for work in sports or entertainment. scout for: He’s been scouting for a national football team.

What is an example of scout?

The definition of a scout is someone sent out to get information, or a member of the Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts. An example of a scout is a spy. An example of a scout is a person in a Brownie troop. To observe and evaluate (a talented person), as for possible hiring.

What is the synonym of scout?

lookout, lookout man, lookout woman, outrider, advance guard, vanguard, spy. avant-courier. 2’I returned from a lengthy scout round the area’ reconnaissance, reconnoitre. exploration, search, expedition.

What is the scouting meaning?

1 : to explore an area to obtain information (as about an enemy) 2a : to make a search. b : to work as a talent scout. transitive verb. 1 : to observe in order to obtain information or evaluate.

What type of word is Scout?

SCOUT (noun) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

Is scout a boy or girl?

The name Scout is a girl’s name. Scout, a character nickname from To Kill a Mockingbird (her real name was Jean Louise), became a real-life possibility when Bruce Willis and Demi Moore used it for their now grown middle daughter, followed by Tom Berenger a few years later.

What is the full meaning of Scout?

What does to scout out mean?

to try to find something. He asked her to scout out job opportunities for him while she was in Dallas. Synonyms and related words. To search for something or someone.

What is scouting in HRM?

Scouting: Scouting means sending the representation of the organizations to various sources of recruitment with a view to persuading or stimulating the candidates to apply for jobs. The representatives provide information about the company and exchange information and ideas and clarify the doubts of the candidates.

What is scouting in agriculture?

Scouting is essentially monitoring your fields for the presence of pests and diseases or any potential issues that could obstruct crop growth (irrigation leaks, trellis breakages, etc.). Planning a scout is also an important task.

What is scout and Guide in school?

Scouting and Guiding – which is an international movement – intends to inculcate in the young boys and girls a sprit of loyalty, patriotism and thoughtfulness for others. In India, Scouting and Guiding is immensely popular among the school students.