How do you login to Ninja Kiwi on btd6?

How do you login to Ninja Kiwi on btd6?

How can I connect my account?…

  1. Login via gmail on your phone or wherever it is that you played before.
  2. Get a linking code from the sign in page after you’re logged in.
  3. Click I’ve played before when opening the game on Steam and then I have a linking code.
  4. Enter the linking code.

How do I connect to Ninja Kiwi?

– Open Battles on your mobile device and go to the game’s main menu. – Tap on the profile icon at the bottom left of that screen, then hit “Manage Profile”. – From there, hit “Multiple Devices” and register your email address. Your email address should now be linked to your mobile account.

Why can’t I log into Ninja Kiwi?

Our mobile games use a separate login system from If you have an existing account on then you will need to create a new account with our cloud service. If you’re still unable to log in please get in touch by submitting a support request.

How much is Ninja Kiwi worth?

On March 24, 2021, Ninja Kiwi was acquired by Modern Times Group for around 1.6 billion crowns ($186 million USD) to “broaden its gaming portfolio”, with intent to expand into the tower defense genre whilst still maintaining the high quality standards that it strives for.

Why is btd6 laggy?

I think that one of the main causes of the latency is the projectile-blimp collision: if there’s both a lot of projectiles and a lot of blimps on screen (like in late game) the game might have to calculate too many collisions, eventually slowing the game down.

How do I make a Bloons td6 account?

Just uninstall the game and when you reinstall you can create a new account. You’ll neecd to make sure your logged in before you uninstall though, so you keep your current progress.

How do I add an email account to Ninja Kiwi?

You can change your email address from within the game by heading to the profile/account section and tapping the edit button beside your email and entering your current password for verification.

How do I email Ninja Kiwi?

For any questions or concerns, please contact [email protected]

Who is the CEO of Ninja Kiwi?

Chris Harris
Ninja Kiwi’s Co-founders, Chief Executive Officer Chris Harris and Chief Creative Officer Stephen Harris, commented: “We are genuinely excited to join MTG. We have developed our relationship over a number of years and have often discussed the opportunities of working together.”

Who made Bloons?

Ninja Kiwi
Bloons TD 4/Developers

How can I make Bloons run better?


  1. It is a good idea to turn Fast Forward off if you are trying to place Road Spikes during a level.
  2. Towers attack slightly faster compared to bloon speed when Fast Forward is off.
  3. Spamming abilities (e.g. Ground Zero) should generally be done if Fast Forward is off.