How do you get the S Class chocobo in ff7?

How do you get the S Class chocobo in ff7?

To advance the Chocobo’s class, you’ll need to race it at the Gold Saucer, and win races. Note however that not every chocobo can advance to the S class: Yellow chocobos can reach B class, but rarely A class, while Blue, Green, Black and Gold can easily reach S class.

How do you beat Teioh chocobo?

The best way to beat Teioh is to simply make better use of your stamina than he does. He’s very predictable in his strategy, he only sprints near the end of the race. So you can easily beat him if you build up enough of a lead so that he cannot catch up during the end of the race.

Which Greens increase speed ff7?

Sylkis Greens increase the speed stat, but once it hits the max limit, it can’t go any higher. The only way to get higher max speed is to have chocobos at the highest max speeds possible breed until you progressively get higher max speeds.

How do you cheat on Chocobo races?

7th time: Aya (from Parasite Eve), press L1+L2. 8th time: Original Chocobo (non super-deformed cutesy style), press R1+R2. 9th time: Highwind ff6 (non super-deformed cutesy style), press L2+R2. 10th time: Running man (dunno), press L1+R1.

How do you get Omnislash?

Obtained. As a level 4 Limit, Omnislash is learned from a manual after Cloud has learned all his other Limit Breaks. It is won at the Battle Square in Gold Saucer. If the player wishes to obtain it early on, it can be obtained when the Tiny Bronco becomes available for 51,200 BP.

Is it possible to beat Teioh?

Teioh is the chocobo belonging to the jockey Joe. Even lower-ranked blue and green chocobos, or exceptionally well-bred normal chocobos, can beat him, although this is more difficult.

How do you get a gold chocobo?

You need to win 12 races between your Black Chocobo and your Wonderful Chocobo in order to guarantee that you receive a Gold Chocobo. It can be fairly difficult to win races in “S” class after you have won 9 races on either of your Chocobos so be prepared to have to race both of them.

How do you do the W-item glitch?

The W-Item bug only happens with items consumable in battle (potions, megalixirs, etc.), the process in battle is:

  1. Have the character with W-Item Materia equipped in battle select an item and select a target.
  2. Select the second consumable item but DO NOT confirm the target, instead press the cancel button.

How fast can a chocobo run?

Chocobos are known for their swift footspeed, the Dissidia Final Fantasy Museum stating a healthy adult chocobo can run at speeds over 20 mph.

What is the best “greens” to feed a Chocobo?

Gysahl Greens satisfy the chocobo’s hunger (moderate amount) and slightly raises affection.

  • Sharug Greens satisfy the chocobo’s hunger (moderate amount) and increases the chocobo’s affection dramatically.
  • Azouph Greens satisfy the chocobo’s hunger (highest amount) and increase the chocobo’s affection dramatically.
  • How can I get a gold Chocobo?

    Aside from breeding, the player can acquire a gold chocobo by defeating Ruby Weapon and giving the item it drops, the Desert Rose, to the Kalm traveler. However, a gold chocobo obtained this way has poor stats compared to gold chocobos bred by the player. The gold chocobo is called the Sky Chocobo, and is Choco ‘s final evolution.

    Is Chocobo Racing multiplayer?

    Does Chocobo Racing have Co-op or Multiplayer? Yes. Chocobo Racing supports Multiplayer. How many players can play in Chocobo Racing? Chocobo Racing supports up to 2 players.