How do I use vbOKCancel in VBA?

How do I use vbOKCancel in VBA?

vbOKCancel – VBA MsgBox with Ok Cancel Buttons

  1. Useful to run the statements based on user choice.
  2. Execute if the user accepts the statement.
  3. You can continue the process when user clicks on Ok button.
  4. Skip the remaining process when the user presses the Cancel button.
  5. User can press the Enter Key to press the Ok button.

How do you insert a message box in Excel VBA?

A message box has the following parts:

  1. Title: This is typically used to display what the message box is about.
  2. Prompt: This is the message that you want to display.
  3. Button(s): While OK is the default button, you can customize it to show buttons such as Yes/No, Yes/No/Cancel, Retry/Ignore, etc.

How do you make a yes or no box in VBA?

In VBA, using the message box we can create a yes no msgbox which is used to record user input based on the click on yes or no, the syntax to make a yes no message box is as follows variable = MsgBox(“Text”, vbQuestion + vbYesNo + vbDefaultButton2, “Message Box Title”) where variable must be declared as an integer.

What is the return value of VBA for MsgBox function?

Display the text in the message box from right to left. Only one option from each of the above groups should be provided to the function. A optional text string that specifies a title to be displayed at the top of the message box….Description.

VbMsgBoxResult Value Button Selected
vbIgnore 5 Ignore
vbYes 6 Yes
vbNo 7 No

What is the value for vbInformation?

MsgBox arguments

Constant Value Description
vbInformation 64 Information message
vbDefaultButton1 0 First button is default (default)
vbDefaultButton2 256 Second button is default
vbDefaultButton3 512 Third button is default

How do I show the value of a cell in MsgBox?

How to pop up message box to display range of cells or cell values in Excel?

  1. Pop up message box to display range of cells with VBA code.
  2. After selecting range of cells in worksheet, press Alt + F11 keys simultaneously to open the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications window.

What is MsgBox function in VB?

Advertisements. The MsgBox function displays a message box and waits for the user to click a button and then an action is performed based on the button clicked by the user.